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A nice Conclusion

posted by Devinlp887 (WENTZVILLE, MO) Oct 23, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

I like that Final Fantasy tried something new the game was deffinantly diffrent from the first two in the 13th saga.

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Above Average

Best for FF13 Trilogy but Not for Series

posted by CrazyGamer2186 (LUCERNE VALLEY, CA) Oct 13, 2014

Member since Nov 2013

Final Fantasy has been a great series since the NES/Famicom Days but since FF10 came out for PS2 the series has been on the downside of quality. Final Fantasy 13 has been known as the Fabula Nova Crystallis Collection of the series (Consists of FF13 Trilogy and previously Versus 13 which is now FF15) but has since expanded to a trilogy. FF13 was just linear and shallow and annoyance of a typical Final Fantasy Game and is at 1080p on PS3 and almost 720p on 360 (1 BD disc on PS3, 3 DVDs on 360) Since then Square Enix has been trying to salvage the trilogy and try to make it better with 13-2 which turned out alright but 13-3 does try its hardest to be a great Final Fantasy game but fails short of the series but does give 13 trilogy the best game in the trilogy.

Story is basically a continuation of the story set by 13 and 13-2 just it takes place 500 years after 13-2 lefts off. For spoiler's sake I am not going to ruin the story for the first two, you just have to play them for yourselfs. Anyway Lightning has return from her eternal slumber from what the Fal'cie (the Gods/Goddesses of FF13 trilogy) put her in after the events of FF13. She embarks on a 13 day journey trying to save as many souls as she can because the world is ending and at the same time trying to save the characters from the trilogy and atone for her failure to protect someone dear to her from FF13-2. The story feels been there done that typical of JRPGs from the last few years or so but is okay enough to keep you playing. The only bad thing is the ending or endings since the game has multiple endings depending on what you do and how many people you save.

Graphics and Sound is always great, that is what Final Fantasy is known for.

Gameplay tries to improve on previous 13 installments and mixes elements from previous entries but is to cumbersome for a FF13 game but yet okay.

Overall This game is 6 out of 10.
Hopefully FF Type 0 HD and FF15 ends up better than 13 series did, just saying.

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Hmm, undecided

posted by Faerie_Knight (DUBUQUE, IA) Aug 14, 2014

Member since Mar 2013

Haven't played much of this yet, but so far it leaves me feeling... confused? Yeah, that's a good word for it. The end of the saga, yay! But you're under a strict time limit. I'm... indecisive on if I like this mechanic or not. When done well it works great. Shadow of Destiny was a prime example of this mechanic done well.

When done badly, Majora's Mask being a prime example, it drags down a game. The difference here is how much time it gives, and how much time it takes to do anything. So far it's undecided for me yet which this is. But uhm... you fail if you can't complete enough side quests to extend the clock by 7 days? So even if you can beat the storyline in less then 13 days, you still must grind out side quests? That seems a tad harsh.

Graphics are great, and the combat system is fairly smooth to figure out. So far the story seems a little forced, but that should hopefully smooth out. So until I know for sure how exactly the time clock works out, I can't give this more then a 5 out of 10.

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