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GF Rating


To be honest ... I enjoyed the game.

posted by nick2quick (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Jun 22, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

I'll come right out with the bad, TOO many repetitive side missions, I think that's what everyone hated when it came to this game. In the end I ended up saving everyone's souls except for two though. Die heart FF fans will not like the fighting system really. Another bad thing is that there is no partying system, you only get two party characters out of the whole game, and are both on temporary. Equipping yourself in this game can be a hassle sometimes, and you'll find yourself spending 30+ minutes sometimes trying to make a class to be able to encounter any situation, but with certain clothing items you'll already have a preset skill, so sometimes you'll be limited to being able to add 3 or sometimes 2 moves to one class.

As far as good things go, the graphics are GREAT, ever since FF 13 (when I got into the series) I loved the graphics and especially how great they get the cinematic scenes to come out. So many customization features as far as clothing goes if you're in to that sort of thing. Decent story, and nice ending. There's certain garbs you can equip to make yourself 100% immune to Physical or Magic damage as well. If you've played the first installments to FF 13 then you need to finish it off by playing this one, there's also a New Game+ mode so if you want to challenge yourself to achieve and uncover better and stronger items, but I was like nah this game took long enough. Another upside, unless you play non stop you can beat this game in two days, when I finished it said I put 43 hours into the game, so that's close to two days/

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not What I expected

posted by silentdark22 (HOLLAND PATENT, NY) Jun 10, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

This game is a continuation of another Final Fantasy game. It can be picked up and played even if you may not have played the other game. Which is a plus. Game play was fun but takes a little getting used to. I did not like switching between different sets of the same character. I like it better in the past when you had a party you could actually equip and play with throughout the game. In my opinion I thought some of the bosses were extremely challenging, especially the last boss. I didn't bother to complete. I didn't like that the game has a time aspect as it took multiple play throughs to figure out where I needed to go when I got lost. A good game graphically with alot of cinmatic cut scenes.

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GF Rating


Could have been good.

posted by ichimaru360 (BALTIMORE, MD) May 25, 2014

Member since May 2014

This game could have been a good game if it was built differently. First I hate time management in a rpg, I like to explore the world at my own pace and it's impossible to do that when you have a time limit on everything you do. Second, I hate pointless battles, in this game there is no exp system so all the battles are kind of pointless, also you can't even run from the battles when you get tired of doing them because if you do you lose an hour of ingame time that you can't get back. And lastly the battle system, the battle system in this game is ok but could have been better. They let you freely move around during the battle but you move so slow that it serves no purpose, most of the monsters i encountered moved too fast and had quick attacks that were impossible to dodge. Now i didn't get as far as i would have liked into the game so its possible that it could get better but from what i played i wasn't going to force myself to power through this game just to see if it does get better. The one good thing about this game is the story. If you really want to see the story but don't want to play the game i recommend finding a lets play for it on youtube.

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