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Different is Good

posted by Yakixx (SAN PABLO, CA) May 28, 2014

Member since May 2013

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I haven't played a traditional FF in years, but to be honest I'd hate to throw away this amazing graphical power of the 360 or PS3 waiting for my ATB bar to fill up. Is there anything better than casting Firaga, or Flare on a bunch of monsters?

If you hated FF13 and 13-2 DON'T play this. This is the same story, same characters similar battle system. Why would you try it again if you didn't like the first two?

Where this game shines is it's battle system. Not only are the fights exciting, but they require a lot of preparation and precise timing to win. You will get your butt handed to you more than a few times, but it's very satisfying to finally nail down the guard and reduce an attack to nothing when just the fight before it was taking away half your HP. The boss fights are amazing and the music puts you right in the action as you try your best to guard and figure out what is the best way to win.

As a lot of people have complained there are no XP points. Here your stats grow after every quest. It's a different system but with a quick look on the internet you can plan out your days to make the most efficient use of your time. Unless you 're like a genius you must use the internet to help you with this, I mean what century are we in anyway? I finished the main quest by day 8, started doing side quests after that and was able to finish around 50 with no problem. It does get tedious, but that depends how much time you want to put into it. I spent almost 45 hours on my first playthrough, and trust me 13 days is plenty of time.

The story is okay at best, kept me wondering what would happen. Sort of. The biggest twists at the end definitely made it worth it. Also don't diss the side quests storylines, some of them were actually quite interesting.

Overall if you like action oriented RPGs you should give this game a try. You have to have played the other two to fully understand the story but if not this game will try to give you a quick crash course.

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GF Rating



posted by AutoEuphoria (MIDLAND, MI) Mar 25, 2014

Member since May 2011

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Most of my FF experience has been with the XIII series (this is the third in that series). I loved the previous two, even with the over-the-top writing and really hard to follow storyline.

This is my least favorite of the three. The game is nothing but fetch missions. "Go here and collect this and bring it back". "Find X number of these things". "Find this person and report back to me". That's the entire game. No defined leveling system at all. No defined progression of abilities (you earn and find abilities throughout the game, but can earn the same one multiple times). Confusing item management. Restrictive use of certain abilities (limited "RP" used for certain abilities, like healing). No party system at all, minus a few short times where you have a chocobo or Fang as an ally. No buffing abilities at all. Opressive time restraints for missions. Ridiculous difficulty curve near the end. All with a combat system that is too fast-paced (no time to strategize or plan), that basically reduces down to button mashing. These are the main problems I had with the game.

What happened to the party? What happened to the paradigms? The ability to choose the speed of combat? The ability to EXPLORE and GRIND if you want to level up before difficult battles? LEVELING UP?! It's like they threw away everything that was good and tried to rebuild it with the scraps left behind.

It gets a 5 from me. The story was probably the most followable in the series, even if the game treats you like an idiot through most of it...constantly repeating points like you need to be spoon-fed everything. The cinematics are great, as always. The voice acting is very good (it's the writing that is bad, not the voice acting). The worlds are varied enough to not be the same scenery all the time. It also does a good job of wrapping up the story from the FFXIII series. So, for all of that it gets a 5. The bad stuff is just overpowering.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Worst Final Fantasy Ever Created

posted by gurx33 (MORENO VALLEY, CA) Feb 16, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

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This by far is the worst FF I have played. And it definitely shouldn't hold a classification as an RPG. Removing the ability to level up makes this game a straight fighting adventure. And a time deadline to finish the game is nonsense. Completely removes the thrill of exploring the world and taking your time to complete every side quest. They really force your hand to do the minimum and not enjoy anything. Bosses are even worst then before. To beat most you have to do very specific things with precise timing otherwise your wasting your time. No multiple outlets for fighting or leveling up yourself to make yourself stronger. Also playing this ruined the story line from XII-1/2 as well.

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