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I'll tap - for a short while

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 23, 2009

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It's a very clever idea; to use the sensitivity of the Wiimote to tap, tap, tap your way to vicotry in several games.
But in order to play Let's Tap, you'll have to get a empty tissue box (the rectangular one works best, not the cube one). You place the Wiimote on top of the box, and tap the box to play the games, so it is not a Pick up and Play game.
There are five games available in Let's Tap.
Tap Runner has you running against the computer or players through up to sixteen obstacle courses. You have to jump over hurdles, go through hoops, swing on vines, and slide down inclines. I like this game the best of the five
Next, we have Rhtym Tap. Yep, it's a muscial rhythm game where you tap the box according to the prompts. It's fun, but can be hard; it's too easy to strike the box with a hard tap when the game wanted a light tap.
Silent Blocks is the Let's Tap version of Jenga; you pull out blocks from a tower and hope the tower doesn't fall. This may be fun multiplayer, but it's no fun in single player mode
Bubble Voyager has you as a guy in a suit floating through an obstacle course shooting boxes and other things. At the end of the course, you land on a platform, then do it all over again. I didn't find this game fun
But the worst game of the bunch iss the Visiualizer. All you have to do is tap the box to make some very bad abstract art. It's the type of art that a five year old's mother would put on the door of their refrigerator for the family to see.
So, this is yet another mini game compliation with some game that are fun, and some that aren't. It's worth a try, but there's not enough here for me to purchase it. RENT IT.

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posted by blomac7 (CHERRY VALLEY, IL) Jul 6, 2009

Member since Jan 2008

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the idea was genius the game not so much. the game seemed like a test to see if the whole tapping concept would work. make sure uyou have a wiimote cover and a shoebox to play the game on. with out the cover it alway told me i was tapping to hard because the wiimoe would roll every where. im not saying the game was bad. but if it would have had normal wii controls it would've gotten a 1.

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Above Average

Let's Not...

posted by Wendigo17 (EASLEY, SC) Jun 24, 2009

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Let's Tap is the latest creation of famed game designer, Yuji Naka; he's the creative genius behind the Sonic series. You'll literally be tapping on a box to manipulate on-screen actions. Let's Tap features a total of five games, which I have reviewed individually below.

Game #1: Taprunner- This game is first, but it quickly becomes very repetitive. Flawed controls make it a frustrating experience when played competitively. That being said, it's the second best game in the bunch.

Game #2: Rhythm Tap- A very basic and physically exhausting rhythm action game; on the plus side, the songs aren't bad, but it's not enough to keep you coming back.

Game #3: Silent Block- This game is like a vertical version of Tetris; the problem is that selecting which block you want to remove will really try your patience. This game would have been more fun without the tap controls.

Game #4: Bubble Voyager- I had the most fun with this game; the single-player mode is very similar to the one in Balloon Fight but much better, and the multiplayer mode was a blast once I figured out the controls.

Game #5: Visualizer- This is perhaps the most boring of the five games; all you do is tap and watch what appears on-screen. You can't win or lose, and I can't help but to feel that this game was tacked on.


1. Innovative concept
2. Catchy music
3. Bubble Voyager was fun
4. Interesting control scheme


1. Only five games
2. Most of the games won't hold your interest for long
3. The control scheme is extremely frustrating at times
4. Only one game actually impressed me
5. Very short game
6. Virtually no replay value
7. You'll have to find your own box to play this game; it wasn't included in the American version.
8. Not worth the money, and it was a wasted rental for me.
9. Tapping a button would have been more effective than tapping a box.
10. It's just a cheap gimmick; nothing more.

Overall Score: 5.5 out of 10

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