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i dont like it

posted by cbeal5 (BELLEVILLE, IL) Jun 23, 2011

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i dont like it

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Really Bad

Kids, Yes; Adults, No

posted by Tomboy99 (LITTLE ROCK, AR) Jul 2, 2010

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Some younger children may like this because it is super-easy with no rules and no winning or losing. But that's it. For adults and older kids that like a real challenge, this is not for you. All you do is draw, paint, scribble, and color. Yawn...

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Let’s Paint - the Old Fashioned Way

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 8, 2010

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How this game got into the Action/Adventure genre and not the Kids/Family genre is something I don’t understand. It doesn’t have a storyline attached to it, there’s no action sequences, and there’s nothing that has to be saved or battled.
Let’s Paint is a coloring/drawing game, and not much more. A single player can free draw a picture on a blank canvas or color in a pre-drawn picture. The tools used for this is brought up by hitting the B button and selected by pointing at the drawing instrument (pencil, pen, eraser, spray can, filler, and stamp) and hitting the A button.
Players can also choose one of 15 colors on the palette (selectable in three groups of five using the control pad).
To draw, players point the Wiimote at the right spot on the canvas, hold down the A button, and draw the line in whatever fashion they like.
But guess what? They can already do that with a stack of paper, a few coloring books, and a bunch of crayons/pencils/erasers. And kids will have a much better time with this than having to point the Wiimote to draw or pick their drawing utensil and color.
But wait, there’s more - a little bit more. One player can connect a series of dots (follow the flashing dots) to make a picture, match shapes, put together a jigsaw puzzle, and blast shapes with the right color (maybe this is what the Action/Adventure idea comes from).
But the kids can do these games the old fashioned way (except for the blasting shapes), and chances are they’ll have more fun that way.
This game has multiplayer aspects: Two players can play Tic Tac Toe (simple), or a game of Draw Soccer (quite complicated for a kids’ game) But you guess it: the Tic Tac Toe can be played using pencil and paper. You don’t need the Wii for this.
Let’s Paint proves that low tech toys can be more fun than high tech toys. SKIP IT.

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