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Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

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Also on:PS2
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Secrets for sale

Go through the large gold doors to "Nice Street" (near the Swingles Van). Go to the far right of the doors and you will see a man in a green mohawk. Talk to him and he will offer to sell you the following extra bonus options: Bonus Art 2 (miscellaneous loading screens, etc.), Loading Screen 2 (naughtier loading screens for Zana Luba and Harriet), Naughty 1 (makes Switch Ione, Analisa, and Elle May wear bikinis instead of their normal attire).

Nude mode

Finish the game, then buy the "Everybody Naked!" secret from at the bar for 269 Secret Tokens. The "Nude mode" option can now be toggled in the "Extras" section of the bonus options menu.

Super camera lens

Interact with the stage light on the left of the Swingles set. When it falls over and breaks, pick up the camera lens icon. Instead of your camera zooming to 5X, it can now zoom to 10x. You can now take closer and better pictures.

Sweet Lou mini-game

For Sweet Lou, full frame to three quarter profile hips are over $50. Buttocks shots will get about $45 from the commissar. You will need the six shots to make $190 to complete his mini-game. A green light may only pay about $35, so angle is important. Time is ticking away, so just follow her in Camera View; she goes right, then left, then right.

Bottomless Zena

Enable the "Nude mode" option after it has been unlocked. Open the black book and select the Swingles Chat with Barbara Jo, Morgan, and Suzi (the last one). Intentionally lose two times in a row then select the "Try Again" option. A bottomless Zena will appear during the third time.

Porn Fairy

The Porn Fairy hides at various points in the game, and gives you the most tokens at one time (25-50), not to mention he\'s pretty funny to look at. One of his locations is in the Greek Quad behind a little section of white fence over by the sorority house.

Add-ons for the suit outfit

You can find the add-ons for the suit outfit in the Greek Quad. A college guy will be selling them near the steps of the frat house or sorority.