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Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

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Not worth the rental.

posted by cnorris (WINCHESTER, IN) Apr 7, 2009

Member since May 2007

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This game had potential to be a fun and funny game, but ended up being not even worth a rental. The control of the characters jumping is horrible and the camera views are horrible as well. Many times when I would go to jump the camera angle would change and the character would jump a totally different way and sometimes kill me and jumping and climbing are important in this game. I failed missions several times just for this reason. I also experienced freezing and glitches during critical playing time and that resulted in lost missions and do-overs as well.
Also, the dialog is really bad, but I would forgive that if the game play was good, but it wasn't.I was hoping it would be similar to Bully, but I was sadly dissapointed. After 4 hours of frustrating gameplay I finally quit to avoid smashing my controller.
If you want a fun sandbox game with good game play then avoid this one like the plague, but if you want frustration and horrible controls then this game is for you.

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Some pitty for this horrible game.

posted by Fausett (CHICO, CA) Feb 9, 2011

Member since Aug 2006

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Before I say how horrible this game is, I guess I will give it some pitty for their jokes and cutscenes and the girls. Other then that, this game went straight down the toilet. Only some really horrible things about this game was the controls were really awful. The worst controls u can make in a game. And the combat was even more horrible. Here the combat move. A is to punch. And it's not even like a man punch, it's more like a wussy punch. The jumping is also horrible. They made this character like, so stupid, I can't believe it. And the way they made him run looks like a dysfunctional moron jogging. So I say the developers of this game, made this game look even worse then flies on some garbage. Smelly stinky dysfunctional garbage. (Worst of all, they made no cheats) WHAAAT!? So when u read this, lemmie say I am saving your time to rent or buy this game. Because If you do, this will for sure, waste your time. What happened to the old Liesure Suit Larry games? This one was an abomination then the other one. All of the other Larry games were really good untill this one came out. And one other thing, this character also is a major wuss when it comes to falling. Even from like 5 ft high, u would lose like, half of ur life. Let's just hope the same creator of this god for saken game dosnt make another one.

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Really Bad

leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

posted by bumpy31 (GRAND RAPIDS, MI) Sep 20, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

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Camera angles Stink makes the game hard to play at times.

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