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Above Average

Great Setting, Mediocre Gameplay

posted by karrek (WINFIELD, KS) Nov 14, 2008

Member since Apr 2005

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Legendary is essentially a mediocre shooter dropped into an awesome setting. Worth one play-through, but that's about it.

The concept and art are superb. Level design is well thought-out, with only one instance of a situation appearing unnatural or contrived. Checkpoints are often too spread out or come at awkward times.

The enemies are amazing, and the AI is well-done. The bigger enemies, however, are far too durable compared to the weapons you have at your disposal.

The health system also has some issues: your health doesn't recharge automatically over time, you must kill monsters to recharge it. This is fine except when the game has you fighting only human enemies for extended periods of time.

The human enemy AI is flawed as well. For some reason enemy soldiers think it's more important to shoot the player than the giant griffon that's killing them all.

Overall the gameplay is simply sub-par. Aiming and movement seem awkward, especially due to the lack of an autoaim option, a must for any control-stick shooter. Human enemies go down too easily, while the monsters are too hard to kill. Grenades are useless; in order to throw them more than three feet you must hold down the button to charge your throw, which can get you killed.

The setting is superb early in the game, but declines as the player progresses. The early scenes leave you feeling like you truly are in the modern world, except that it has been attacked by monsters. The later areas just feel too desolate and claustrophobic, and don't hold any association to the real world.

Legendary is a game with great design and an amazing setting, but it's flawed gameplay drag it down into the single-play-through category.


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GF Rating


Rail Gun shooter that went off the rails.

posted by GuruSobek (ANCHORAGE, AK) Nov 21, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

17 out of 23 gamers (74%) found this review helpful

I like shooters and I like myths. I also like the idea of integrated game play between genres. Over time I've become to expect games to be as open in narration as a comic book film. To that end I tend to put the story and feel above everything else. Mainly the idea that your free with no pressure to enjoy something when you want to.

However this game doesn't like free will! Just when your about to think lets use your powers to roam the apocalyptic streets to fight the demons of histories' lore. The game designers knock you upside the head and say "Bad gamer you do as we say, you must look at our lovely cut scenes and you much enjoy the moments of horror you can't walk pass until its done while your traveling from one action moment to the next."

It has a lot of potential but its not 2003 and I'm not a wide eyed kid anymore. No matter how pretty the graphics could be the script doesn't work, the dynamics of gun play are useless compared to the axe, (25 shots to the head vs. one axe blow?) and the demons that have been developed have nothing to do with the plot line.

I would have been happier if you had just given me 3 maybe 4 options on how to 'solve' a room, allowed me to skip past your drivel, given me more weapons that work, (I lived in new york and your telling me not one person had a knife or a grenade or 15 other options?)and maybe less obvious blocking of players into the defined route that is not that interesting.

And if your going to send me on a goose chase to pick up useless items to "better" the story then let it be also a clue to some hidden gem that I can enjoy, like a room or a weapon or a new artifact that gives me a tail that can sting or some other thing that's stupid that I can use.

This is an interesting concept but the moment you play it you start to experience the gamer equivalent to road rage. I would say hard core fans or extremely bored people would love this game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Better than Far Cry 2

posted by Pete89 (HOLMDEL, NJ) Nov 19, 2008

Top Reviewer

Member since Aug 2007

10 out of 15 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I dont see why this game is getting bad reviews. I loved this game. Yes, its not the most polished shooter in the world, but I loved this game. The enemies such as the Griffons werewolves and minotaurs were different and fun to engage in a fight, along with a secret army, and the Golem level, where u fight the black army and werewolves with ur allies while a towering golem stomps around was one of the coolest combat scenes i have played. I like the music in this game as well.
Give this game a chance, especially if u like fps
i enjoyed it, thats y we have gamefly people. TO TRY GAMES!

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