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Very Good

Doesn't Stand Out Among the Greats of the Series

posted by Fruehdom (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Mar 23, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

It's interesting what one comes to expect from a Zelda game after 20+ years of playing them. Every time you pick up the newest installment, there are certain things you can count on. The format serves as both a blessing and a curse for the series. To an large extent, the formula works and gamers continue to want more, so why break it. Also, there is a certain nostalgic quality every time a gamer comes back to the series. It takes you right back to the first time you watched 8-bit Link swing a sword on the NES.

What often suffers is innovation and storytelling. What is most surprising is when the game designers find a way to bring those two elements into the series without breaking from its core structure. Twilight Princess was a milestone because it allowed for actual depth in storytelling via Link's sidekick, Midna. Even though Link stays a blank slate, Midna underwent a very real change through the game, to the extent that you really cared for her by the end.

The other place where Zelda games still allow for innovation is in graphical style. Windwaker was a huge departure, and a very successful one in my opinion. Twilight Princess was also a success in its darker, almost graphic novel style.

Skyward Sword delivers on all the core components one expects from a Zelda game. Its dungeons and puzzles are well designed, and it adds its own unique spin on a number of elements from the core cannon. Perhaps the biggest innovation comes from the Motion+ swordplay. The designers really added a unique element to the series by forcing the player to use the wiimote like an actual sword.

There are plenty of things to like about Skyward Sword, but in the final tally, it just feels a little too safe to be one of the true greats of the series (Twilight Princess, Windwaker, Link to the Past). It delivered on all the things I expect of a Zelda game, but it never distinguished itself enough to stand out from the truly great games it has to stand next to.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not so excited

posted by Michele5683 (PORT ARTHUR, TX) Mar 14, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

I became a new gamefly member a few months back and when our first game arrived Zelda the game was damaged and did not play. I did not have a home computer and was unabe to find the answers I needed to fix the problem on my android phone so I was not sure what to do, then I got some info from a friend that said just send it back to the company so I went to send it back and realized that I lost the envelope to send the game back to gamefly.
To make a long story short (too late) a new member has a membership they are paying for a total of 3 or more months and we only got one game that never worked and now finally we will be able to return the game to the company. Thank goodness there are no late charges cause I would owe them a bundle.
I undertand that none of the troubles I had were the fault of gamefly except the game never working, but it may have helped with there website was more mobile phone friendly.
Thank goodness we got a home computer otherwise we would still be wondering how to fix the problem.

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GF Rating


Best in series. Innovative gameplay.

posted by joeturbo (TURLOCK, CA) Mar 5, 2013

Member since Oct 2003

Skyward sword brings new innovative gameplay mechanics. The sword mimics your movements with the wiimote, giving you a more emersive experience. New weapons have more purpose in this game, whereas other installments some weapons were used a couple of times and forgotten. The puzzle and dungeon design are fantastic, best I've seen. The game took me about 50 hours to complete, although I did take on some side missions. This installment shows a push to change the rehashed zelda elements: mission brief, traverse world hub, dungeon, key, boss, repeat. The necessary steps needed to even get to a dungeon or temple is just as puzzle oriented. The combat requires precise timed movements rather than hack n slash. Depending on how enemies hold their weapons you have to parry their weapon before you strike. Even the simple spider skultulla requires more thought to kill. This is the game's combat is its best attribute. The game actually only has 3 different lands: woods, volcano, desert, and unfortunately you have to traverse them several times with different motives. They do change up the world a little bit and add a different control scheme. Towards the last portion of the game, this was about to become stale, as I felt more than ready to fight the final boss. But luckily the retreads are shorter. I have noticed this happens in many zeldas, but this game was more prevalent. Thats my only nagging issue, is the retreading of familiar lands. This game should not be missed. The story line was simple but wonderfully presented. The colorful and artistic approach to this installment is something to believe.

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