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Skyward Sword aimed high and went higher

posted by HalfCalf71 (PORTLAND, OR) Dec 18, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

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This game took much longer then previously expected to complete the first time through. While the graphics seem somewhat lacking and pathetic at first glance, they turn out to be slightly original and really create a new world for the franchise. The story proved to be awesome and original in a way I never thought possible for a Zelda game. Let's face it, almost every game is Link defeating Ganon to save yet another reincarnation of the world of Hyrule. Instead of going with tradition these amazing game developers took to the clouds and created a brand new aspect in a way that is all too familiar. I do not think it will be possible for them to top this game. But then again, I have said that many times before with this series. Long live Link, long live The Legend of Zelda!!

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The Legend of Zelda is fresh again.

posted by zeldaguy1 (BELLEVUE, NE) Dec 16, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

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OK so as time goes a new generation is born and with it new games. I am proud to say I was born into the nintendo era so I grew up with Zelda. The PS3 and XBOX 360 generation can easily overlook a Wii Game but they would be missing out on one of the best games out there.

This is one of the most amazing and best series out there in the world. It has made the standard and set the example and many action/rpg adventure games now a days.

Zelda games have always held a high expectation and honestly the formula was getting a little stale. Skyward Sword has breathed new life into the series again. I would go as far to say that it stands as best Zelda game ever right next to Ocarina of time.

The world in Skyward Sword is full of life and detail much pleasing to the eye. The storyline is epic and it actually makes you feel like a hero of great importance while you play the game. EX: Link is the chosen hero of destiny that once again must save the World aka "Skyloft". And Zelda plays a major role in saving world as well. Its not your normal Zelda where you have to rescue her.

The controls make the game a lot more fun. EX: combat is better and more realistic as the Wii motion plus gives you near perfect sword swings on the way you swing the Wii mote. The enemies defend against your attacks and you have to swing at an opening. It makes every battle feel like a duel. The only downside is you have to be precise on the way you swing the Wii mote but it beats the old days just mashing a button that makes Link swing randomly. So its a welcome change.

The Graphics are the best the series has ever seen and I would say the best on the Wii console. Link and the characters show emotions and you can see these through the expressions on their faces. The world lots like a painting as the graphics style was intended to look. Its a Blend of Twilight Princess and Wind Waker and it looks great.

40+ hours of game play. Much longer than most other gam

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Very Good

sweet, but why?

posted by youbetcha (EVERETT, WA) Dec 15, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

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i play every zelda game that comes out. wind waker and ocarina of time are faves

this zelda was great. music, story, controls, characters were phenomenal.

annoying details these people can NOT get right! 1. having to individually read info and talk when buying products at the store (slow transactions are tiresome) 2. why do the maps suck? they aren't cool to look at, and nothing is labeled. "is that area higher or lower than where i am? Why can't i look at different maps? I would love it if we could write stuff on our maps and not wonder if thats a floating island or floating rock that lets your fly faster. 3. short video of link playing harp and the song "cutscenes" are atrocious. (random birds flying around to a random song that you can't make out the words too) 4. the game felt like it was dungeon after dungeon. everywhere is dungeon shaped! all areas you "dive" into aren't free roaming. you have to open paths up like you would a dungeon in order to move forward. 5. is it my fault that i didn't solve missing little girl mystery until i finished the master sword?? 6. get this, to get that, so you can get this, in order to do something phew now all i need now is that. no rewards to replay the game

things i liked: silence after beating a boss, walk cutscenes entering dungeon, the controls (once you figure them out). the stamina and shield bar! and upgrading was nice (finally a zelda game where there is stuff i can't wait to buy) the new races were sweet! water/time effects are crucial. the save points were easy. how you can see all the colorful portals in skyloft (awesome) more fun to catch bugs this time around! silent realms are actually pretty cool. items easy and fun and useful. fi- is a helpful and quick to the point sidekick ive been waiting for.

got me my zelda fix. the controls and new story along with new characters are epic. but it wasn't an adventure where you had fresh footprints. only went places because of story

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