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posted by pearflozium (WINTER SPRINGS, FL) Dec 4, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

The first thing i want to say about this game is that you should not go into this thinking about ocarina of time. Even though it really does have fantastic mechanics and the wii motion plus works almost flawlessly.

There was only a few complaints that i have so far, the dungeons lack the raw depth that you get from previous games. by this i mean that the dungeons in this game rarely took me more than 1:30 to 2 hours where in ocarina of time it could get much higher. also my only other major complaint, so far none of the dungeons in this installment have given that feeling of eerie darkness or making your arm hair stand up. it is very light and childish somewhat like wind waker. It is not a bad style but i enjoy the lighter temples dotted with a shadow temple style or something maybe as creepy as the well from ocarina.

the wii motion plus on the other hand, i would give a 9 out of 10, because it really is close to flawless but there is times where you swing rapidly and it is hard to get the correct swing.

the enemies are also kind of childish but they have very significant defense tactics, it will take at least a few dungeons to get used to the way they block, especially the deku baba's.

they made the dungeons very interesting and the tools are fantastic while still bringing back the favorites from the old games like hook shot and the bow. another thing i liked is that even in the later dungeons you still use most of the tools that you get previously.

all in all for most games now a days i would give it a 10 but for a zelda i would give it a 9/10. if your a zelda fan RENNTTTTTT NOW. if your not a giant zelda fan you should still rent because the storyline would occupy almost any gamer. hope this helped, enjoy!!!1!!!1111!

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A true gamer will give this a chance.

posted by gamedude57 (ALBION, NY) Nov 29, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Last week, as many gamers were getting their souls kidnapped by Skyrim on their 360s and PS3s, I was pillaging my way through what is most likely the most unique adventure I've played all year.

And yes, I'm being serial. In a statement that I can very well see every Skyrim fan getting ready to attack as I say, Zelda Skyward Sword is my pick for Game of the Year. This isn't your run-of-the-mill Zelda game either... sure, it involves Zelda and dungeons, but the game has a sweet and satisfying turn of events thanks to the brilliantly crafted writing.

As every other reviewer has stated before, this game puts the Wii MotionPlus accessory (or the Wii Remote Plus) to great use: Every swipe with your Wii remote is depicted as accurately on screen as Link slashes with his sword. Heck, I even got annoyed sometimes when I would move with the nunchuk, and the game would register it as me readying my shield. Not even really a complaint... haha.

Next, why not discuss the gameplay itself? It's impressive. The wide variety of things to do (with the 40+ hour main quest) will be more than enough to keep gamers busy. The temple puzzles require some actual thought without completely making you rip your hair out over it. The combat requires you to carefully plan your attacks before execution (that's right, the enemies are actually smart).

Sometimes, you may have to repeat yourself during side quests, but repeat trips to the same place never feel the same. Every part of Skyward Sword feels like a breath of fresh air.

I know it will never win GOTY, but Skyward Sword gives Nintendo a better chance than ever at it. I feel like after five years of waiting for a fully-realized Wii, they completely deserve it. If you call yourself a gamer you CANNOT miss this game. No one is "too cool" for Zelda.

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the best zelda game ever

posted by mcgowanlynette (ABERDEEN, SD) Nov 30, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

this game is my all time favorite zelda game. if someone says the motion controls suck, then they are lying to themselves and you. the controls are done so precisely that it brings you into the game better than the graphics in any other game do. the amazing this is, is you still get to sit down and semi eat your favorite chips/food while playing it.this game is the perfect example of what the wii should have had in the first place. the only problem is you have to recalabrate every so often, but its just a click of a button and you get back to the game

the graphics bring you into an amazing painting, and somehow things still come alive. the sky is as blue as ours and the characters look better than anything in real life. if you think the graphics suck, then my responce is you probly just hate the art. most people dont know that graphics are mainly the polygon count and the texture, and this game has both and the most vivid colors in any zelda game. and who wants real life graphics, honestly, im already in real life so i dont want an experiance i can get from this world. no i want the zelda world.

the story is absolutly amazing. its basically what every zelda fan has been waiting for. it just unlocks so many secrets unrevieled until this game. also this game is a step up from twilight princess, and thats not opinion people, thats the fact whether you like it or not.

the gameplay is amazing. each enemy is no longer killed with one hit of the sword. no you have to go hard with the controls and every enemy is a puzzle. no joke. also the dungeons are very difficult and i often got stuck, but i love getting stuck, i cant figure out why. and the side quest no longer make you back track as much as a zelda game before this. which is a great thing really. and you do go to the faron woods a lot but its different every time, when you go to there the 3rd time ITS FLOODED and thats just amazing really.

overall i cant find much to hate on. this is the best game ever

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