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Disappointment at Best

posted by Jakefiz (PORTLAND, OR) Mar 5, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

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Okay for all of you who think this is "The best Zelda Game Of all time" need a reality check. here are my reasons this game is in no way superior to other Zelda games.

1. Repetition - this is a huge point. there are only 3 regions in the game. and you repeatedly go back to these regions to accomplish the same quests over and over again. I'm not even joking when I say 6 of the boss fights are of the same 2 people. And you fight the most poorly designed and boring boss...3 times... A lot of ideas in this game are repeated throughout the story which made me feel like I new what to expect in the next room.
2. Lack of exploration - Like I said before. there are only 3 regions in this game. A forest area, a volcano area, and a desert area. And they have the same zelda species but instead of Zoras they have...wait for it...Robots... Really nintendo? And the regions arent connected so to get to the region you just drop right into them via the sky and your hometown/hub world of Skyloft. And at anytime in the region, literally every 5 steps theres a bird statue that will take you back into the sky so you can go home and take a nap. Really takes the "epic adventure" out of it. I never had that feeling in MM or OoT.
3. Motion controls shoved down throat - Now I know nintendo worked hard on the controls but really. Every single enemy from start to final boss requires some form of Wii motion show off. This is a zelda game not Wii sports. It seems nintendo took more thought into the controls then the actual game itself. making it a terrible theatrical experience.
The Final boss Was never explained well enough hes just kinda...there.... And the Villian Girihim ends up in the end to accomplish 0% and proves to be the most pointless villian in zelda history. A lot of people say this game was made to complete the timeline but was it really needed? Did they really have to take 5 years on this game? MM took one and Is probably the best. All in all its not terrible, its not gr

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Worst use of motion controls since Red Steel

posted by HotWax (IDAHO FALLS, ID) Dec 12, 2011

Member since Oct 2004

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Nintendo ruined a perfectly good franchise and what could have been an outstanding game because they had no restraint when it came to adding pointless, frustrating motion controls that add nothing but hardship to the game.

The story of this game, like most Zelda games, is fantastic. You play as Link attempting to rescue Zelda and the world from an ancient evil, and this time you get to fly around on the back of a bird, skydive to various locations on the surface, and fight lots of interesting and well-balanced enemies.

The motion controls aren't all bad, either. The sword fighting, for the most part, feels solid, and the ability to slash from multiple directions depending on your hand motions feels great.

Unfortunately, that's really the extent of the good uses they found for the Wii Motion+. If they had left it there, you'd have a great game. But no, they had to push it further. Just about every action in the game requires some kind of movement of the Wiimote, even when it would make more sense and be done in a more controllable fashion with the buttons on the controller. Flying and swimming require you to point the Wiimote, when a perfectly-good analog stick is sitting right there just waiting to be used. The nunchuck, which doesn't benefit from the Motion+'s finer controls, does nothing but get in your way. It's used to raise your shield on foot, and do spin attacks in the air and water -- These actions occur whenever you shake it, shift positions on the couch, or sneeze, and it will do so ALL THE TIME when you don't want to act.

Even the tried-and-true music controls in this game are awkward and pointless. The ocarina/wind waker in previous Zelda titles allowed you to learn and repeat several songs depending on the situation, but here the harp is just used by holding one button and waving your hand back and forth, not actually playing anything worth calling a song. It feels dumb and is just another example of how this game is a missed oppor

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worst of the series

posted by BerserkerM80 (FOREST GROVE, OR) Apr 30, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

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honestly this game was the worst yet if you wan to play the best play ocarina of time or twilight princess.

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