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The best one out of the series (true story)

posted by Chris2215 (CHICAGO, IL) Nov 19, 2011

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Ok lets get down to typing

Playing The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword it is clear that Nintendo threw out most of the handbook. Zelda is no longer a princess, the game is no longer a means to get from dungeon to dungeon and easy enemies are no longer defeated with some button bashing.

It is not to say that Nintendo has completely revamped the beloved franchise. You still get all the temples, play an instrument and in spite of her godly status Zelda is still key but it feels refreshed and challenging. When a series reaches 25 years things need to be changed and it may have taken Nintendo some time but Skyward Sword feels familiar yet new.

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is said to be as the greatest Zelda game for a number of reasons but the one at the front of most gamers mind is the use of Wii MotionPlus. This means that sword moves are the same to your movements but it doesn't always quite work. While Motion Plus is an improvement on the original Wii Remote it is not without its problems, and this is clear in this game at times.

Sword fighting works really well. It may not be a perfect 1:1 as Nintendo has wisely chosen to minimise it to eight directions, but the way in which you swing the Wii Remote is very critical. Classic enemies are now armoured and even the most greatest players will soon find themselves facing a new kind of challenge as they carefully swing the controller in specific directions or face humiliation at the hands of a Bokoblin.

The Zelda series has had its fair share of art and The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword may well be the best to date. I've always preferred the art style look of Wind Waker but the painted style of Skyward Sword does wonders within the graphics of the Wii console. While other games may be racing to have super ultra mega realistic graphics the art style of Skyward Sword works perfectly well, flaws and all.

I highly recommend this game to the loving fans of the series. And to people who have a wii.

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Beautiful and flawless

posted by mackyoshi (PORTSMOUTH, NH) Feb 15, 2014

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Artwork and gaming at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.

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Nintendo has again found what makes them best.

posted by dgolightly519 (PRESTON, ID) Nov 29, 2011

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With any luck Nintendo will continue on the path they have just restarted by releasing this, the latest in a long line of Zelda adventures.

While playing the last several releases, it became apparent that Nintendo's Zelda formula had become stale. With all respect meant for the company, the dungeons, characters, plot lines, and even the flow of the games became stagnant and re-used most notably between Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. Hyrule became a mainstay and the weapons, upgrades, and even play mechanism became dismal and almost (note that I said almost) boring. Fans still clambered for the latest release, but were left wanting more.

Happily, this game does not disappoint and in fact goes above and beyond the expected. I did not rent this game from Gamefly, but did buy it the day it came out with my hopes that brand new experience in gaming and the butterflies of brilliance awaited me. I let the game sit for a day because I though that I may have over-prepared and felt a need to be grounded. This was not a mistake, because if I had been further up the fall through to complete and total wonder may have ruined me.

I conclude with a word. Epic. I am running out of room and you are all thinking I've built this game up too high, but you're wrong. You are so very wrong. You have no idea what is awaiting you, just as I have no idea what to expect next as I continue to play it. The music is even more grand than expected and sets the mood eloquently. The "oil painting" style art plays to the Wii's graces and is exceptionally well done, even by "HD-gamer" standards (though this game is not necessarily HD). The controls are relaxed and controlled, you will find NO "waggling" here; it does what the Wii was intended to do and allows them to make the battles far more epic and somewhat difficult from time to time (though through no fault of the controls). The story is enchanting, believably fantastic, and grand.

But don't take my word. Play it

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