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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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posted by Nighthawk (HAVERHILL, MA) Jan 9, 2007

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This game is fun and all but it's just a copy of the organial and master quest hardly changes it at all I give it a five.

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Very Good

Say It With me Now: OVERRATED

posted by Iamnobody (WILMINGTON, DE) Jul 11, 2009

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I'm not saying that Ocarina of Time (OoT) is not a good game, but it is up there with Final Fantasy VII in terms of being laughably overrated.

The Good:

-It's a Zelda game

-The camera is less glitchy than other N64 games

-The soundtrack is often genius

-The boss fights are fun, although they usually aren't very difficult

The Bad:

-The game implements the iffy jumping mechanic far too often, resulting in some very frustrating rooms.

-Navi is one of the most annoying characters to ever appear in a game.

-The story is predictable and frankly not that interesting. (the time traveling aspect had a lot of potential, but it was unfortunately ignored)

-Way too much empty space. You are forced to walk across the massive but empty Hyrule Field far too many times in the game.

OoT still manages to be a great game, and a must-play for Zelda fans, but it is far from perfect. I'd also recommend Zelda: Collector's Edition over OoT/MQ because CE comes with LoZ, AoL, and Majora's Mask as well, and MQ isn't really all that different from base OoT. More importantly, it's cheaper in stores and has the same availability on GF.

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Very Good

Legend of Zelda: Macarana of Time

posted by ykbane (PRINCETON, WV) May 5, 2007

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I know its ocarina, it's just that for some reason when I play this game, the song, macarana always comes to mind. Don't ask why. Anyway on to the review. My friend has this game, and I played it at her house. It was pretty similar to the version on Collector's Edition, except for this edition of OoT has Master Quest. Master Quest is'nt much different, but it just seemed cooler to play it just because of the name.

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