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Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap


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Power Bracelets

To get the braclets you need to be a minish. When you beat the third dungeon and get the ocriana of wind go to hyrule town and do a few errands. you need to go to the library and find those books. the first one is in those houses beside the chicken house the left one; then go to the far left of town and go into that house that the guy kept saying leave im busy. go in there with a bottle of water and put the fire out. then get out. go to the wind mill and inside you can go tiny.leave to the back entrance and go up by the door of that house. go in the fire pit and go across the bridge. then go to the front of the other house on the right. go in the entrance at the back and turn right then down the house. Follow the path and when you get to curb go between the bricks and the cats are in there so be careful. they will attack you. go down the vine and go around the fountain. kill those slugs and go right. Know attack those spaz attack bugs and use your cane of pacci on the hole and go up. Attack the creatures in there and a treasure box is there open it and the Power braclets are there. go back to the house you through water at and push those dressers in line. Go in the entrance and up top you see the book flopping with a girl on it. put wieght on it and take it back to the library.

Light Arrows

After Deepwood Shrine, fuse kinstones with the stranger living in the yellow house on the west side of town and a portal will appear next your house. Go in and you will be at the tower of winds. Most of the areas will be blocked off, but find the room with a man in bed with a ghost flying over him. Suck up the ghost with the gust jar and the man will gradually get better. When you come back part of the real story in cloud tops, he will remember you and give you the light arrows. These cool arrows can be charged up for more damage and able to break pots.

Remote Bombs

Fuse kinstone with the Minish Elder after the Temple of Droplets and Beleri (the minish that gave you the bombs in the first place) will come up with an idea for a new bomb, the remote bomb. Go to him to get the remote bombs. You can come to him any time to switch back (but why would you?). These awesome bombs can be set with either A or B and set off with the corresponding button. They come in a gray color, while supplies last, for a limited time only.

Mirror Shield

Fuse kinstones with all the mysterious walls and the farmer in Lon Lon Ranch to summon all the gorons to the cave. Then after you grab the bottle at the end, fuse kinstones with the goron at the the far right to make a giant goron appear at the top of Veil Falls. Go to him and he will tell you he will reward you if you accomplish some major feat. That major feat is beating the game twice. If you do he will ask to eat your shield. Come back about an hour later and he will give you the mirror shield. This special shield will deflect almost anything and is much bigger.

Boomerang and Magic Boomerang

When you first get to go to the store at Hyrule town, the owner will have a wallet for sale for 80 rupees (that will let you carry 200 rupees). Buy this and the shop will have to put something there so he puts a boomerang there for 300 rupees. Buy it. You can also you can get the magic boomerang by fusing kinstones with all the tingle bros to make 4 ladders appear in North Hyrule field. Go down each one to get some rupees and kinstones and to activate 4 switches. Then go down the newly opened ladder to open the big chest (and no, not your granny's chest) and get the magic boomerang. This one can be controlled in midflight.

Quiver Upgrades

The three quivers let you carry 50, 70, and 99 arrows. The first one you can buy from the store for 600 rupees. The next one is from the great fairy in Royal Valley if you answer her question truthfully (niether). the next one you must fuse kinstones with a minish in wind ruins(i think its in a hole somewhere) to cause a beanstalk to grow. Climb the thingy to aquire the last quiver.

Golden Monsters

Golden monsters usually appear after certain kinstone fusions. They are much stronger and can take a lot more hits than their unshiny brethren, but they leave a HUGE cash reward.

swordsmen skills

Throughout Hyrule you will find great swordsmen that will teach you their skills. Here they are: 1. swiftblade: spin attack. The first time you visit swift blade in hyrule town he will teach you the spin attack. It takes a while to charge up but is good for taking out multiple enemies around you. 2. Swiftblade: rock smash. He will teach you this move after you get the white sword. All you have to do is break pots and certain rocks. 3. Grayblade: roll attack. You come to mount crenel after you can multiply yourself and gray blade will teach you the roll attack. you must execute this attack after you roll. Takes percice timing like right when you start to get up. 4. Swiftblade: dash attack. Visit him after you get the Pegasus boots. Then when you dash, you hold your sword out and kill anyone in your way. 5. Waveblade: peril beam. You must swim to his tree he lives in from the mayors cabin. He teaches you the peril beam which adds a long range blast when you only have one heart left. 6. Grimblade: sword beam. He lives in the hyrule castle garden and his tecnique is identical to the peril beam but this one works when the heart gauge is full. 7. Swift blade: down thrust. Come back after you have the roc’s cape and he will teach you the down thrust which will let you use a powerful attack after you jump. 8. Swiftblade the first: great spin attack. All you have to do is push a shrine out of the way in castor wilds but he wont teach you the great spin attack until you have all the other skills.