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Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

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Gameplay Controls

Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

Control Pad Move / Change selections
A Button Use Items. Open treasure chests / Swim / Talk. Drop Items (some items cannot be dropped).

B Button Attack with your sword.

Spin Attack (There are 4 types):
1. Hold the B Button down and then release.
2. Rotate + Control Pad while pressing the B Button.
3. Press the B Button while pressing the Control Pad (combo attack -> spinning attack).
4. Press the B Button during a roll.

Jump Attack (Hold and release the Control Pad, and then press the Control Pad and the B Button at the same time.
Hurricane Spin Attack (When your sword has enough Force Gems, hold the B Button and then release it after the sword flashes twice.)
Down Thrust Attack (Press the B Button in midair).

L Button Change Formations:
Up + L Button = Box / Long (for 2 to 3-player games only)
Left + L Button = Cross / Wide (for 2 to 3 player games only)
Right + L Button = Wide
Down + L Button = Long

R Button Grab (Use with the Control Pad to pull things.) Lift (Press again to throw.)
Press while using the Control Pad to roll.
Pick up items.

Control Stick Move/Change selections
Control Pad Break formation / Change leaders
X Button Break formation / Change leaders
Y Button Display the formation window
Z Button Turn GBA Window On / Off (If you are using a GameCube Controller in a single-player game, the Game Boy Advance screen will be displayed on the television screen.)
L Button Display the formation window
C Stick Formation Quick Change