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GF Rating


Extremely Unique

posted by imacheater (SEARCY, AR) Jun 5, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

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RPG's nowadays are usually about real-time battles where you always control your character. Sure, that's fine. But how about something innovative? This game provided a much more unique and fun experience 5 years ago. This game has all the basics: Normal people who become heroes, expansive but slightly clich├ęd storyline, and lots of exploration.

But that's not what you should care about, not at all. This game also has one of the most creative battle systems ever to be seen. Its predecessor, Legend of Legaia, which was a 1998 title, created it, and this game continues to perfect it. During battle you can use items, defend, run, use Origin magic, or you can fight.

The fighting, however, is the best part. After selecting fight, you input commands with the D-Pad that cause the character to perform certain actions. Up (Hi Kick), Down (Low Kick), Left (Left Punch), and Right (Right Punch) can all be combined to pummel your enemy. As you go through the game, you learn special combinations to perform unique moves.

Normal Arts (Learned by experimenting) are basic but effective moves. Super Arts (Usually learned from items) are more powerful attacks to strike your foes. Hyper Arts (Learned by storyline) are very powerful moves that your character can perform, usually attacking more than once. Team Arts (Learned by storyline) are moves that two characters perform together to dish out massive damage. And then there's Miracle Arts, (Learned by extensive experimenting) are ultimately the most powerful moves, but require many different attacks in the combo to perform.

Other than the combat, this is still a great game for several other reasons as well. You explore as normal, getting 5 party members (3 at a time in battle), collecting from tons of items, and battling progressively harder enemies. This game will be very challenging at times, so much so that impatient people may even want to quit. Also, the game looks good most of the time too. Simply put, this is Awesome.

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GF Rating


What's not to like?

posted by Killswitch (WORCESTER, MA) Nov 1, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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What a great game. Lots to do. Plenty of side quests. The amount of different items, equipment,and accessories is staggering. Contrail pulled out all the stops here. There were new things to discover all the way through.
The life they breath into this game more than makes up for the mediocre storyline. Item creation, weapon creation, accessory creation, cooking, learning new skills, the cool battle system, mini-games, sidequests...what's not to like?

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GF Rating



posted by tidus2 (ALTADENA, CA) Mar 28, 2007

Member since Nov 2004

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fun, original, fun, original... did i mention fun and original?

the fighting is different yet awesome. the battles get better... and harder.
the game is fairly long... and there are no flaws for me

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