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Legacy of Y's Books 1 & 2


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Short and sweet

posted by Alexander (PEORIA, IL) Mar 15, 2009

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First off, this game is very short. If you use a walkthrough, you can beat the first "book" in about 3 and a half hours, and the second one between 4 and a half to five hours. That said, they're pretty simple games. In both books, you play as Adol, the red-haired swordsman who sailed to Esteria from a distant country, only to have his ship destroyed not far from shore. You find out later exactly why that happened. From then it's basically just like any other "Save the world" plot in both books. Book 2 takes place right after Book 1, so of course you'll enjoy the game more if you play the books in order.
Of course, you can't save the world without killing some monsters. In Book 1, battles are very straight forward- you attack the enemy with your sword until they die, and by finishing them with a "combo" (attack them once and you automatically attack up to 3 or 4 more times as long as your hits connect) you gain extra exp and money. In Book 2, it's essentially the same, except you get some magic spells to help you kill enemies; though, only one spell is really useful in battle, which is the fire spell, and it can be improved with accessories that make it home in on any nearby enemies, making your sword completely obsolete. The shield spell is useful as well; a little TOO useful, as it can make you completely invincible for all of the last boss battle. Luckily you don't get it until the final dungeon. The combat might sound boring, but it's fast paced enough that you won't get bored of it, especially given how long both books are. The music in both books is pretty nice as well, but I didn't spend enough time playing to really savor it. Go figure.
All in all, this game is definitely worth the rental, but not much more than that. I highly recommend using a walkthrough when you play, otherwise you'll spend a lot of time wandering around without knowing what to do. There's also an "Ys" game for the PS2 which is also worth renting, so check that out if you enjoy this game

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Above Average

an alrite ys game, i have played better...

posted by peterce1111 (EAST LONGMEADOW, MA) Jun 15, 2013

Member since Apr 2012

Overall this game was ok...

This ys game i got stuck on at the temple cuz i got lost i was enjoying most of it and i liked the hack and slah part but i just didn't understand the controlls and how to use magic etc. etc.

i have played oath of felghana and ys seven which r both better ark of napishtin, and 1 and 2 chronicles (which is actually this game put on the ds) i did like the fact it was on the ds but it would b much better on the psp handheld.

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It is not a Bad REMAKE

posted by OldGamer1 (CARRIZO SPRINGS, TX) Jun 9, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

One thing some of the players need to remember is this is a game written in the late 80's. I had this for my TG16 it was on CD also which crushed the DS soundtrack. Also my manual shows the release year 1987,1988 under Falcom and 1989 under Hudson Soft. I played it then just to compare I fired up my original copy and ended up sending it back. I you like old school action/RPGs your should try this one. If you played the TG16CD version and loved it, well don't hold to very high expectations on the audio dept.

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