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An amazing achivment in multiplayer gaming !

posted by Bahaa3000 (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Jan 27, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

22 out of 26 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

The idea of game based upon 4 levels kept me away from this game for a long time , and I regret every second of it ! .

After being overwelmed by the many awards the game got , i was pushed into giving it a rent so I went ahead and did it .

When you start the game the opening cinematic will give you an idea about the game , there are four servivors which have to reach a rescue in an area filled with zombies . To give a better idea about the game im gonna say it like this :-

Gameplay :- The first true perfect Co-op (cooperative) feeling in which every player has to stick with the team and help each other to survive , using pistols , machine guns , shotguns and bombs .

Sound :- creepy to the last bit , the music gives you a great environment and the guns sound very satisfying .

Graphics :- Very modern with amazing charicter details , and the flash light gives a very real effect for your surroundings

Lifespan(how long you will play the game) :- It's not just four levels ! its unlimited levels ! because everytime you will play the game it's going to be a different experience depending on the difficulty , the people your playing with and the how the game spreads the zombies and bosses around the map !

In conclusion this game is really worth the rent , you will realize how good it is and you will really want to buy it after that !.

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Most fun i have had in a game in years!!

posted by Diog3nes (LA VERNE, CA) Dec 9, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

40 out of 49 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

I can name quite a few games that look better than left 4 dead, but none of them plays better. I cant get over the way it makes random people talk and work together to get through. This is not Halo 3 or Gears of War where everyone talks trash to each other. Its pure fun with the only downside being that i want more.

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Left4Dead is one of the best games this Generation

posted by Garnett (PONTIAC, MI) Mar 8, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

43 out of 54 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Left4Dead a game that has been under everyones radar,does this game deliver?The simple answer is YES,This game is worth the 60$ it cost..


This game doesn't have a 6 hour story mode like CallofDuty4 or Gears of war,instead they give you 4 separate story's with 5 levels in each,therefore 20 levels,and each one varying on the difficulty of the game.


This game has a somewhat standard FPS control design,but the left Trigger is used to melee,and the D-Pad is used for items,Up is for the flashlight,Left and right are for Medical items,down is for Grenades (IE.Pipe bombs or molotov


The graphics are good,tho there not Gears of War,There the way they are because they do not want the frame rate to drop,but the graphics are good,the shadows and the special effects they used are excellent looking this is one of the games you dont need a 60inch HD-TV to enjoy the graphics.

Game play is above Gears 2/CoD4/WaW and so forth,This game is fun! Each time you play the game it change,So you may play a game once and you play it again and its different,every thing's different,the levels are still look the same but there not linear levels like CoD,Weapons,Zombies,Health and special infected are all different,This game will keep you up all night playing it!


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