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best coop game ever!

posted by Destroy (ALEXANDRIA, VA) Nov 25, 2008

Member since Oct 2004

142 out of 169 gamers (84%) found this review helpful

Buy it. Keep it. Play it online or offline coop.

It is superb. Best online coop ever. Even better over lan (up to 2 per console split screen).

You know those co-op games where you just respawn and everything's hunky dorey? Or the other situation where you respawn with nothing and it's too hard? This game is quite different.

You have a standard health bar. If that gets depleted, then you're "down" but you still shoot and the zombies can still attack you (you just can't move). You have a new meter that they can shred down to nothing. To get back up your buddies have to help you up. If you don't get back up and your down meter runs out, then you're dead. If you are down 3 times in the same level, then the next time you fall you're dead. If all team mates are down at once, the team dies and you restart at the last safe room (I think it puts you back the way you were when you entered that safe room).

If you die then the rest of the team can try to beat the level without you (though the game won't take it easy on the remaining players). If someone is dead, some times the survivors can find "another survivor" trapped in a closet/room somewhere in the level. Which you become. It works very well. Best coop system I've ever seen.

The other part of the coop system is that there are also certain special zombies that knock or pull down players, requiring that another player shoots/shoves them off you. These special zombies are called hunters and smokers. You can hear them coming sometimes. You have a slight chance if you're by yourself. Shoot them before you are down basically. But what it amounts to is that you have to watch your buddies backs. You can't survive the level going rambo/solo. You will die.

As far as the gameplay and replay value.... they are through the roof. It plays like a zombie movie. Even when you all die, it's fun. And it's especially rewarding when you beat campaigns/levels.

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GF Rating


Fun Zombie Co-op Mayhem!!

posted by Zane101 (POWELL, TN) Jul 13, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

61 out of 72 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

What can i say about Left 4 Dead, a simple, yet at the same time, complex First Person Shooter? Well, lets see..

You get to shoot zombies as a black man (Louis), a biker (Francis), a Vietnam veteran (Bill), or as a college chick (Zoey). You take on not only normal zombies, but Special Infected (Hunters, Boomers, Smokers) who are stronger and have powers! They arent as abundant, but make up for it with the ability to pounce on a person, pull someone away with their tounge, or barf on someone, which attracts the zombie horde.

You have 4 Player Co-op, or 8 Player Versus mode (4 Humans, 4 Special) and, with the FREE Survival Mode pack, you get Versus mode on all maps, and the Survival Mode (hold out as long as you can to delay the inevitabe!), where you can set your highest ranked times.

You get a kickass arsenal of weaponry, with Pistols (dual-wieldable), the Uzi-ish looking machine gun, a Pump Shotgun, an Auto Shotgun, an Assault Rifle, or a Sniper Rifle, each with their own specific uses (Snipers are good support, Auto and Pumps are raw strength, Assault rifle is all-around balance, etc.). Lets not forget the Pipe Bombs (which attract the horde AWAY from you and cause a nice explosion) and Molotov Cocktails (Which will light the world on fire, killing nearby zombies and harming special infected over time).

Lastly you get a selection of nice Achievements, ranging from nerve-wracking to getting them easy.

But, like every game, it has its flaws. For example, even though I just mentioned all the content above, after long sessions it will start to get repititive and feel lacking.

If you do not have Xbox Live, then you miss out on SO much, its not even worth buying without Live.

The levels are diverse, yet repititive. Start out small, move up little by little to finale. Yawn. No other sorts of little surprises (other then a Hunter ripping off your nipples?)? Not really.

Overall, the game is great in small doses. Too much WILL burn you out.

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posted by ShockY (BENTON, AR) Nov 19, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

151 out of 185 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

To me, this is the perfect Zombie shooter. It has everything you could possibly want out of it. The four player co-op is amazing (especially if you play on Expert), the way the AI-director forces you to work as a team is nothing short of genius; run off by yourself? Plan on dying. And how the game is never the same twice stops you from knowing exactly what you're going to get next(IE: Guns, pickups etc. etc.)

All Zombie Survival Horror games should look at what L4D has done right. I found myself literally scared at some points while playing, unsure if I was going to be attacked by a Tank around a corner, or if I could hear a Witch somewhere around us and was clueless as to her exact position.

Anyone who's not a big Co-op fan might not enjoy this as much as I have,(Expert online can be a hassle if you don't find a team that knows what they're doing) but for me, I could play the same levels over again and again and never get bored.

Valve has done it again.

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