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Great fun!

posted by Supertes (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Jan 23, 2010

Member since Jul 2009

10 out of 10 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

So addicting! its such a fun game! Plus, the graphics have improved a lot from the first one. Cool melee weapons, more guns, etc. The only problem I've experienced is when playing split screen, the frame rates go down. Not gamebreaking though, as its not too noticable.

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Rewards and then still adds more.

posted by SunsetDown (SPOKANE VALLEY, WA) Nov 17, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

175 out of 196 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

Left 4 dead 2 can be described as the first left 4 dead on steroids. The replay value has changed even further, as now their is three more special infected, new uncommon "common" infected, and a huge amount of new weapons and ammo.

The new special infected include the Jockey, Charger, and Spitter, which add new fear to the old fear the Smoker, Hunter and Boomer created. The Jockey is a small, monkey like man that giggles vicariously when he nears. His main attack is a small leap that leaves the victim helplessly to the Jockies mercy, controlling the survivor to its whim. The Charger is a large, brutish man with a giant arm. The Charger is like a small tank, that can pummel and "charge" into survivors. If the Charger successfully hits a survivor with its charge, it will grab and pummel the survivor into the ground until it is killed, dealing heavy damage. Finally, the Spitter is a grotesque acid spitting woman that can easily separate camping parties, or trap survivors to the mercy of the horde. Her acid projectile is very long range and deals steady damage if a survivor touches it. Their is also new common infected that have special attributes, including hazmat suits that makes them invulnerable to fire, or swamp horde that throw mud, blinding survivors.

Left 4 dead 2 also includes a huge variety of weapons, such as chainsaws, machetes, magnums, combat shotguns, silenced machine guns, and various others. To add to the killing, you can equip your guns with special ammo, like incendiary bullets and exploding bullets. Their is also a new helpful throwing item, Boomer Bile, which causes the boomer affect wherever you throw it. This bile can cause the hoard to devour a tank or attack one another, which can be joyous to watch. Aid items are also greater equipped with boosting adrenaline shots and reviving defibrillator units.

This game never plays the same, and I ran out of characters to explain the awesome campaigns. Definitely have a go with this one.

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GF Rating


Soon to be a classic

posted by spazzymgee (MARYDEL, DE) Jun 28, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

25 out of 27 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

Left 4 dead 2 has a very high tempo, "in your face" style of gameplay that i feel is absent in most other video game franchises. This is why there are so many devout left 4 dead fans. there's nothing like this game. However, if you want in depth storytelling, and people being in love, then this game isn't for you. There's not much talking, and the concept is very simple; to kill lots of zombies. This game is a try for everyone.

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