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GF Rating


Honestly the game isn't THAT bad.

posted by nolter912 (DURHAM, NC) May 2, 2010

Member since May 2010

The story line isn't epic, but it wasn't horrible either. I originally thought it sounded like a cool game, even though it got horrible reviews but didn't want to waste $40 on it. It took me 13 hours to platinum. Graphics could be better, but the unique fighting style makes it interesting to say the least.

Great rent for anyone looking for a quick easy platinum!

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GF Rating


WOW! - Horrendously bad

posted by ShrapDog (NEWARK, NJ) Apr 21, 2010

Member since Jun 2009

So I saw all the bad reviews not only here but all over the place...
but I like to see it to believe it...I mean, hey, how bad can it be right?
Bad. Ludicrously bad. Once the tutorial begins, you'll see.
Two mobs appear, looked like a cell-phone game. Choppy, slow slow combat, graphics from Virtua Fighter 2... I just had to rent this game cause of all the low ratings ( weird, I know) well, let me tell you it's THAT bad.

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GF Rating


Very very poor...

posted by 73PatsFan (COPENHAGEN, NY) Mar 28, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

The characters are nearly identical. Aside from how they look and talk, they attack the same-meaning that they have the same moves, same sounds and same graphics. Their magic? Yep, same sounds, same graphics and same moves to do the magic. I played for maybe 2 hours and returned it. What a waste...having 2 characters that do the same moves, do the same magic and share graphics....almost like the creators couldn't put another graphic for the others magic.

The camera was horrid, too. No "snap" (or return to dead center/follow from behind) feature-which means that you spend a lot of time moving the camera around.

The healing was horrid. You could regenerate your health, but it took a few minutes. That was bad because the monster you just killed that took almost all of your health respawns shortly, so you have to move, and there's always another enemy waiting.

Because of the identical characters and the constant waiting to regenerate health, the game got boring really quick...really quick. While the fighting system was OK at best, it seemed as if all I could do was to heal with one character and attack with the other.

The story line was OK at best, too. The game play needed more direction from the game itself. The first area you're in has a super hard area that they tell you to stay away from. There's 3 other areas and you have to guess what one you have to go to. Wasting time and health potions all the while.

If this game is in your que, remove it. Don't waste your time with this game.

Games like this make me glad that I have Gamefly-I can return the game to get another one, and I didn't waste a penny. Thanks, Gamefly for saving me from yet another stupid game.

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