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Last Rebellion

posted by Killerewok (LITTLE EGG HARBOR TWP, NJ) Jun 9, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

22 out of 24 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

This game took me 12 hours to Plat. It's a very linear RPG with very little depth. There is no real armor system, no change in weapons, and no side quests. The game is mostly based around the battle system, which in and of itself is quite good, but very easy to exploit. Basically you choose the order in which to attack the body parts of the creature you are fighting. As you battle the creature several times, you will find the correct order to attack to generate a combo. Once you find this order you can save it, and use it everytime. Of course if you know the order to start with (via GameFAQs lets say), you can simply plow through the game in god-like fasion. I reccomend it to Trophy hunters who enjoy JRPGs, as it is a really easy Platinum, and the story is interesting enough to keep you mildly interested, but hard core RPG fans should stay away. You won't find much to do here.

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posted by Foxhoundx (LOUISVILLE, KY) Mar 1, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

31 out of 40 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

This game is the love hate type and doesn't really have a middle ground for the most part you are gonna see people giving horrible ratings for little to no reason like "this is terrible" and thats about all they say. I want everyone to understand, YOU HAVE TO look at video games subjectively and not just instantly say you hate other wise you will never be able to see the diamonds hidden in the rough. OK now to the review.

The good things about this game is that it is a traditional rpg in the way that it is turn based with a little bit of a spin. Each enemy has certain set of weak points which you have to learn and then exploit to beat them more easily. Because the game plays like this you can be in one fight and utterly destroy your enemy but go straight to the next fight and get destroyed yourself. To make your fight a little easier you are bound to a sealer which you use to cast stronger magic and to seal the souls of your dead enemies to keep them from reviving and becoming stronger. I would like to strain you must seal all enemies except for a few bosses.

The difficulty in this game isn't too bad but thats not to say you are or are not going to die a few times. The thing thats really gonna decided the difficultly for is if you just mash the X button or really think when you play games.

The graphics are a bit "different" because there are not any real motion cut scenes because the game is beautifully drawn, instead of animated.

The story isn't that great but trust me it isn't bad either. You be hating your self for even heard it but it isn't very memorable either.

The voice acting is the same not great or bad.

The last few things are a little nit picky. The enemies move a little too fast outside of battle and they re spawn much too quickly. My biggest nit pick for me at least was that the game was much too short after doing everything in the game I had only played for a little over 23 hrs

In conclusion you will more than likely either love or hate this.

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Really fun battle system, but so flawed otherwise

posted by callahan09 (MONTCLAIR, NJ) Mar 1, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

15 out of 20 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

The battle system is awesome, addictive, and a real joy to play with. It encourages experimentation and there's a lot of versatility to it, not to mention that it's utterly unique. Other articles have detailed the battle system already, so I won't explain it here, but unlike any other I've experienced and it's really, really awesome. And the interplay between Nine and Aisha and the different qualities that they each have and how you have to switch back and forth to succeed is quite cool.

But for everything good about the gameplay, there's something bad to counterbalance it and keep this game from being great.

For instance, when you're assigning your attack order for your chain attacks, if you decide that you want to just interchange to the order of 2 body parts, there's no intrinsic option to do that. It's a piece of cake if you just want to switch the last 2 parts you selected, because you can just deselect them and reselect them in the opposite order. But for an enemy with 10 body parts, if you wanted to just switch the 1st part you chose with the 10th part you chose, you have to deselect ALL of the parts and reselect them in the exact order you want. A simple "interchange the order of these 2 parts" option would have made experimenting in the battles a lot more user friendly. It's also annoying that once you level up a couple of times in each new area, all the older enemies don't give you any experience anymore (literally, ZERO exp) and it can be unavoidable to fight them, so they are just a time-waster traveling through older areas and not being able to avoid fights and not even getting any experience from the fights.

But the battles are fun and unique enough for me personally to enjoy the game.

Good translation and voice acting, but a boring and uninteresting story mix with the fun battle system but poor overworld gameplay to make for a distinctly average game. Lots of bad and lots of good will make it hit or miss, depending on your patience and tastes.

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