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Same Formula..which is good!

posted by jaguar7676 (TITUSVILLE, FL) Jun 3, 2014

Member since Nov 2004

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All of the most memorable scenes and locations from the first two Hobbit films are represented here. You traipse through the lush elegance of Rivendell and the rough-hewn majesty of the dwarven kingdom of Erebor. You battle the mysterious necromancer in Dol Guldur and encounter the dragon Smaug under the lonely mountain. And it's all presented with a humorous touch that only makes this version of Middle-earth more appealing: at one point, for instance, the dwarves construct a key to open a large, forbidding door, but rather than inserting the key into the lock, they simply hurl the key at the door, smashing both to bits. But though it all looks appropriately epic and imaginative, this is one sleepy quest. As you make your way through an environment, your progress is constantly hindered, and figuring out how to advance is never remotely stimulating or enjoyable.
Maybe you need to just run around smashing Lego objects until you destroy the one that gives you the pieces that let you build something that lets you advance. This building process requires no ingenuity on your part; you usually just hold down a button for several seconds as your character tosses the pieces into place. This is how it's been since the earliest days of the Lego games, and the simplicity of the process is getting tiresome. Occasionally, the building process involves a basic minigame in which you see which piece is needed to continue building the object and have to select that particular piece from among several pieces, but even the young children whom this game is designed to appeal to deserve more engaging problem-solving than this. Combat is sluggish and requires no skill. All in all, the normal Lego game.

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I wish I was a kid

posted by CaptMagnifico (THORNTON, CO) May 19, 2014

Member since Aug 2011

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If you like excitement, The Hobbit movies and Legos then this is the game for you. Especially if you are into the Lego games because if you don't like the cutesy adventures of the Legos then skip this game.

This game follows pretty close to the Peter Jackson Hobbit trilogy. Excuding the third movie of course. You play as all your favorite 13 Dwarves, Gandalf the best wizard ever, and of course Bilbo. And do everything that happens in the movies, so if you love the movies than this game is for you. They take the audio from the movies and use it in the games so all the dialog is from the film. Now Lego Lord of the Rings did that, but I feel like they did a much better job mixing it this time than last.

The game plays like any other Lego game but with one new feature. You have to now break stuff you get resources just to built tools to help you progress. If you are thinking; wow that sounds tedious. You are correct but that wasn't all they added. They put a new Lego sword fighting and buddy up techniques that make the game more of a fun beat em up. The biggest and best thing for me is the fact I actually felt like I was on a adventure. Yes a very linear one but it still seemed like a quest that spanned through all of Middle Earth.

This game is a great game for all ages and I would highly recommend this to all fans of either the Hobbit or Lego games. If you have kids then I would say BUY. This will keep them entertained for hours.

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Not My favorite Lego Game

posted by KageTakeo187 (SAN DIMAS, CA) Aug 12, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

Im a big fan of the star wars lego games as well as the batman and Marvel titles as well however i just couldn't enjoy this one. Its odd because i like "Lord of the rings/Hobbit" but this game to me was boring and sort of confusing. Side quests were tedious and pointless and i really just didn't enjoy the 6 hours i played too much. Did not even finish game i was so bored with it.

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