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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Battle Droids follow you:

When playing in freeplay mode on any level with Battle Droids shooting at you, press R2 to switch characters to a Battle Droid like them. They will not shoot you until you switch to another character.

  • R2
    Battle Droids follow you
Extra Options

Submit the code below at the diner to unlock the corresponding selection in the "Extra Option" menu in the diner:

  • NR37W1
    Extra option Silly blasters
  • L449HD
    Extra option Classic blasters
  • IG72X4
    Extra option Big blasters
  • SHRUB1
    Extra option Brushes
    Extra option Tea cups
  • LD116B
    Extra option Minikit detector
  • RP924W
    Extra option Moustaches
  • YD77GC
    Extra option Purple
  • MS999Q
    Extra option Silhouettes
  • 4PR28U
    Extra option Invincibility
Lightsaber fighting:

Try alternating or simultaneously pressing Attack, Jump, and the Left Analog-stick as any Jedi or Sith with a lightsaber to execute various maneuvers and different three-hit combos.

  • Attack, Jump, and the Left Analog-stick
    Lightsaber fighting
Confront jump:

Press Square, X to do the confront jump. REMEMBER: This can only be done with Jedi or Sith characters.

  • Square, X
    Confront jump
Moving as Yoda:

Whenever you are Yoda , you will notice that he is slow moving without his lightsaber. Press Jump and he will get out a hover chair. This is easier when traveling, as you will not have to watch him jump like crazy or move slow with the stick.

  • Jump
    Moving as Yoda