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LEGO Star Wars

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You get to kill Jar Jar Binks!!!

posted by VemillionS (ZANESVILLE, OH) Jul 20, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

This is a fun game with a large set of characters to play as, every characters have special abilities, some very useful ((high jumpers like Jar Jar)) and some not so useful ((like Junk Bot)) and some that make you feel invincible ((DARTH VARDER!!!))

Speaking of being invincible, in this game you are, no matter how many times you die the game will never end, so its impossible to lose. This drops the games difficulty down to: Too FRICK'IN EASY. This... infinite life's dose not mean you wont die though, you will but you just wont get a game over. The only bad thing about dieing is losing your studs.

Studs are used to buy characters, items and cheats.
You get to play through episode 1 2 and 3 of the star wars saga, and a mission from episode 4.

So overall this is a great game, but making it so you cant lose makes it a kid game and I don't like games with no difficulty so this game get a 9, good job LEGO!

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