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LEGO Star Wars

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Store prices Mace Windu (Episode 3)

Mace Windu (Episode 3):30,000 studs

Store prices Disguised Clone

Disguised clone: 2750 studs

Store prices Darth Sidious

Darth Sidious: 150,000 studs

Store prices Rebel Trooper

Rebel trooper: 1,000 studs

Store prices Princess Leia

Princess Leia: 50,000 studs

Store prices Gerievous' Bodyguard

Grievous' Bodyguard: 30,000 studs

Store prices General Grievous

General Grievous: 200,000 studs

Store prices Clone (Episode 3)

Clone (Episode 3): 600 studs

Store prices Clone (Episode 3 Pilot)

Clone (Episode 3 pilot):700 studs

Store prices Clone (Episode 3 Swamp)

Clone (Episode 3 swamp):800 studs

Store prices Clone (Episode 3 Walker)

Clone (Episode 3 walker):2500 studs

Store prices Boba Fett

Boba Fett: 800 studs

Store prices Luminara

Luminara: 20,000 studs

Store prices Ki-Adi-Mundi

Ki-Adi-Mundi:25,000 studs

Store prices Kit Fisco

Kit Fisco: 35,000 studs

Store prices Shaak Ti

Shaak Ti: 15,000 studs

Store prices Count Dooku

Count Dooku:45,000 studs

Store prices Darth Maul

Darth Maul: 15,000 studs

Store prices Clone

Clone: 2,000 studs

Store prices Geonosian

Geonosian:2,000 studs

Store prices Battle Droid

Battle Droid (Geonosian)300 studs

Store prices Super Battle Droid

Super Battle Droid: 5,000 studs

Store prices Jengo Fett

Jango Fett: 65,000 studs

Store prices PK Droid

PK Droid: 350 studs

Store prices Battle Droid (Security)

Battle Droid: (Security) 300 studs

Store prices Battle Droid

Battle Droid: 200 studs

Store prices Battle Droid (Commander)

Battle Droid (Commander) 1,000 studs

Store prices Droideka

Droideka : 10,000 studs

Store prices Royal Guard

Royal Guard: 800 studs

Store prices Invincibility

Invincibility: 1000,000 studs

Store prices Silhouettes

Silhouettes: 75,000 studs

Store prices Purple

Purple: 50,000 studs

Store prices Moustaches 2

Moustaches: 15,000 studs

Store prices Hints

Hints: 8 hints, 10-80 studs

Store prices Gonk Droid

Gonk Droid: 250 Studs

Store prices Miniket Det.

Miniket Det. 750,000 studs

Store prices Tea Cups

Tea cups: 175,000 studs

Store prices Brushes

Brushes: 200,000 studs

Store prices Big Blaster

Big Blaster: 50,000 studs

Store prices Classic Blaster

Classic Blaster: 75,000 studs

Store prices Silly Blaster

Silly Blaster: 100,000 studs

Easy studs 4

Enable the "Invincibility" code so you do not die and lose your studs. Replay a chapter as how many times desired and try to find studs.

Easy studs 5

Go to Dexter's Diner and the places where you can enter the levels. Use The Force on the salt and pepper shakers to get about 1,000 studs each time.

Infinite Money

On the Darth Maul Chapter (story or free play mode) In the hallway with the red beam doors (where u have to pull the switches), pull them and money will come out.  Then if you leave the hallway and come back the switches will be refilled.  But be careful because if you pull any more than the second set the switches the amount of money that they spit out will start to decrease .

Yodas secret hyper jump

Just get on to Yodas hovercar by switching to cane holding mode and then jumping. While your in hovercar mode just jump twice. Note It doesn't make you jump higher. It just makes you jump FURTHER! It's very useful when regular Jedi jumps can't reach!!!


When you get all ten Minikits in a level, you will get 50,000 studs. Some are found in the following locations. Episode 2. Discovery On Kamino. Behind the Star Fighter. You need a high jumper. In front of Star Fighter. Use R5 to hover over. Hallway after you see Clones. Activate all switches. Different hallway. Use C3PO to activate the panel. Get to the buttons, blast the target., then go into holes. The same room on the far right. Jango Fett's room. Finish the Jango Fett Poster. The room Jango Fett goes into. Step on the right switches. Mine bridge. Grapple and use C3PO to activate the panel. Hit all targets. Hallway after the bridge: Use Dark Force on the table. Use Dark Force in the room.

Store prices Moustaches

Moustaches:150,000 Studs

How to beat Bosses

To kill a Boss or any enemy, use a Jedi or Sith. Press Jump, then attack. This results in easy kills. To kill enemies such as Jango Fett, switch to someone with a blaster and just shoot him

Blue stud treasure

Unlock the hidden level "Episode IV: A New Hope" and play until you reach the first split in the path. Battle through the rebel guards down the right hallway and enter the door. There you should find a group of yellow, blue, green, and red blocks laying scattered on the floor. Using a Jedi or Sith, utilize the Force so that you build an "L" with the yellow blocks, an "E" with the blue blocks, a "G" with the green blocks, and an "O" with the red blocks. If done correctly, at least a dozen blue studs (worth 1,000 each) will fall from the ceiling. Collect as many as you can before they fade away.

Easy studs 1

After each level, do not continue. Instead, leave the diner and break all "trash cans" by the doors outside. You can get a good few thousand if you are lucky.

Easy studs 2

In the Discovery On Kamino level, if you encounter the broom where you had R4 to open the gate, use the Force on it. Money will come out. If you follow it around the entire room, money will still appear. This is useful when trying to get perfect studs.

Easy studs 3

When fighting General Grievous in free play mode, go as far right on the cliff as possible. Go on the bridge then into the dome on the right. Destroy all the bombs and use the Force on the levers to get a minikit.

How to beat Droidekas

Double jump them with A while in the air to take down its shield.

How to beat Droidekas

Double jump near the shield, then press X before you land.

How to beat Anakin

In Episode III you must fight Anakin. Insert a second controller but do not use it. It is easy to defeat him this way but, keep him on the platform.

How to beat Jango Fett

In the level "Jedi Battle" in Episode II, play until you reach the end where you must defeat Jango Fett. Lure him near one of the mines set up on the field and step near it so that it charges up. Back away in an opposite direction than Fett to draw him over the mine. If done correctly, the exploding mine will take away all his hearts and destroy him instantly, saving you from several minutes of fighting.