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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Characters fighting

After unlocking a lot of characters, go outside of the diner and to the hangar. Most of the time, the good characters will attack the bad characters that spawn there. Because there are more good characters than bad, sometimes you can see Darth Maul getting hammered by a lot of opponents.

Lightsaber fighting

Try alternating or simultaneously pressing Attack, Jump, and the Left Analog-stick as any Jedi or Sith with a lightsaber to execute various maneuvers and different three-hit combos.

Confront jump

Press Square, X to do the confront jump. REMEMBER: This can only be done with Jedi or Sith characters.

Moving as Yoda

Whenever you are Yoda , you will notice that he is slow moving without his lightsaber. Press Jump and he will get out a hover chair. This is easier when traveling, as you will not have to watch him jump like crazy or move slow with the stick.

Battle Droids follow you

When playing in freeplay mode on any level with Battle Droids shooting at you, press R2 to switch characters to a Battle Droid like them. They will not shoot you until you switch to another character.

Yodas secret hyper jump

Just get on to Yodas hovercar by switching to cane holding mode and then jumping. While your in hovercar mode just jump twice. Note It doesn't make you jump higher. It just makes you jump FURTHER! It's very useful when regular Jedi jumps can't reach!!!

How to beat Anakin

In Episode III you must fight Anakin. Insert a second controller but do not use it. It is easy to defeat him this way but, keep him on the platform.

How to beat Droids and Troopers

To kill enemies such as Droids and Troopers, press Circle to use Force Push when they are near a ledge. It will just push them off the side and kill them easily. This works best in Episode 1, Darth Maul, where there are droids that are easy to push off the ledges.

How to beat Droidekas

Double jump them with X while in the air to take down its shield. Double jump near the shield, then press Square before you land.

How to beat Jango Fett

In the level "Jedi Battle" in Episode II, play until you reach the end where you must defeat Jango Fett. Lure him near one of the mines set up on the field and step near it so that it charges up. Back away in an opposite direction than Fett to draw him over the mine. If done correctly, the exploding mine will take away all his hearts and destroy him instantly, saving you from several minutes of fighting.

How to beat bosses

To kill a Boss or any enemy, use a Jedi or Sith. Press Jump, then attack. This results in easy kills. To kill enemies such as Jango Fett, switch to someone with a blaster and just shoot him.