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LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga


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The first good 3D DS action game

posted by SpaceNinja (PETALUMA, CA) Nov 15, 2007

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TT Fusion was able to pull off a great translation of LSW:TCS for DS (when keeping in mind the limitations of DS hardware).

If you love the franchise and cannot get enough of it on the next gen platforms, pick up the DS version. The levels are recognizable, but different enough to give a fresh experience.

I found none of the bugs that plagued the LSWII DS version in this one as it was built from scratch thankfully.

The DS version keeps True Jedi gold bricks for both Story mode and Free Play mode. I prefer this over the new approach with next gen LSW:TCS using a new challenge mode in replacement of a True Jedi.

Criticism: TT Fusion should have gone with a larger cartridge size so they could have had the room needed to make all 36 main levels (instead of only 30), improved some levels like Speeder Showdown to be closer to the original, and have smoother cut-scenes. The extras like Indiana Jones and good outdoor Cantina area are missing. There is a lot less incentive to collect all gold bricks.

Overall this title has set the standard for 3D DS action games. I look forward to more developments from TT Fusion.

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A long time a lego galaxy

posted by lazy1uno (COVINGTON, WA) May 21, 2008

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When I first heard of the lego star wars games, I really had my doubts, but I was proven wrong. My only criticism is the flying missions, it gets confusing at times. I love the battle with Palpatine though, thats my favorite part. The amount of unlockable characters is surprising and makes you want to keep playing till you get them.

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A step up from the previous Lego Star Wars attempt

posted by MrShepard (PITTSBURGH, PA) Jan 10, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

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The game looks pretty when you are standing still but there is some occasional slow down once you and your AI partner start moving about. And moving about is all you can really expect from that AI partner. I don't recall Obi Wan ever staring blankly at the wall while his friends were pelted by enemy laser fire in the movies. Obi Wan in Lego Star Wars, however, is happy to count ceiling tiles while enemy droids rip you limb from lego limb. Not that any of that matters really. If your health meter runs out you respawn immediately and soldier on.

I also had some small gripes with the controls. A d-pad isn't fantastic for a "3-d" adventure game. Rubbing the touch screen with my thumb to activate force powers was a bit awkward as well. All in all this isn't a bad game but it's a much better experience on the consoles. I had a tough time taking a step backwards with this DS version and still enjoying myself.

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