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LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga


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Also on:Wii, DS, PS3
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Very Good

Nerd Nirvana

posted by Droppo (MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, WA) Nov 30, 2007

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Member since Dec 2006

This is a must rent and possible buy for the billions of Star Wars fanboys out there who still have their toys from childhood (and in many cases probably bought new ones when the prequels were released).

The two trilogy games previously released have been lavished with compliments for the fun way they handled the story using legos, and now you can get all of this in one package plus some extras.

Arranging your own lego characters from parts of Lando, Amidala, Luke, C3-PO, and Darth Maul can be endless fun. There is also an unlockable Indiana Jones lego character if you watch the trailer for the upcoming Indy Lego game.

The characters are as cute as cute can be, and the gameplay is good for the style that they are going for and there's lots of replayability. It's not high art or anything though. At times, I felt like I was playing a kid's platform game. But the overall experience is nothing short of fun and extreme silliness.

Rent this game and prove the existence of your inner Star Wars nerd. Or if the force is truly with you, you may as well go ahead and buy it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Lego Star Wars Complete Saga

posted by LilGerman (CLEVELAND, TX) Nov 29, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

It takes the gameplay elements of the first two games and puts them on the same disc. A few minor gameplay fixes but no big changes. Only complaints were some of the vehicle levels just weren't that fun and the camera is frustrating at times. Easy to pick up and play though. Good game.

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Some new game some old game= frustrating

posted by Brikz3488 (ROCKVILLE, MD) Nov 20, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

This idea is one of the best and funnest ones to come out for video games in a long while. The complete saga has the same style of play and same idea as The Complete trilogy with 3 new episodes and plenty of missions involved in them.

Basically play through the 1st 3 chapters of the story in the story mode and then replay in the free mode to explore all or most of the hidden areas.

Unfortunately to open all the hidden areas in the first 3 you have to eventually play the last 3 which are the exact same episodes in the Trilogy version game. Considering you had to play the levels multiple times to beat that version playing these same levels multiple times again did not seem like much fun to me.

The xbox live enabled activity to the game is really a waste because the couple times i tried to find a game online it could not find one because the community is so small that it virtually is non-existent.

Achievements are spread throughout all levels so again if you don't want to play the old ones again they will not be achievable. And some are achieved only by playing the same level multiple times but with different characters.
Ex..Destroy the emperor with Dooku 10 pts.
Destroy the emperor with Kit Fisto 1o pts.
Destroy the emperor with Darth Maul 10 pts.

I found this quite annoying.

All in all if you just want fun and time with the kids great, but if you want new content and not so much repetitiveness you might want to pass.

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