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Very Good

Lego SW + Online Co-op = Mmmm

posted by desolute (MODESTO, CA) Nov 6, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

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Short Review:
Both Star Wars games combined (all six episodes), over 160 playable characters, FULL 2 player online co-operative play, runs at 1080i, and your very own lego leiah slave!

Long Review:
While fans of the series need no review to convince them of the fun factor of this game, new comers might be a bit put off by the cutesy lego graphics.

Don't be fooled children! The force is strong within this one! (That sounded cheesey...). Anyways, your not missing out on playing the previous two games, they where great but the lack of Online Co-op really hindered the fun factor.

The new and improved Complete Lego Star wars comes packed with all six episodes, over 160 playable characters ( Indiana Jones?) and full on lego on lego action!

Game play is great, somewhat repetitive, but the sheer number of characters you shuffle through change the game in a good way.

Also it should be noted that the 360 version runs at a clean 1080i, while sadly ps3 does a 1+ on it with 1080p...So if graphics are your thing, and you own both systems...i recommend getting the 360 version :P

Gamer score spread is pretty nice, you'll find yourself unlocking steady amounts of achievements, not too fast but not too slow.

So yah, go rent it, you'll thank yourself.

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Best of the series -- comparing to former titles

posted by SpaceNinja (PETALUMA, CA) Nov 14, 2007

Member since Nov 2005

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The Complete Saga improves over LEGO Star Wars II with some improvements.

Load time is faster especially for character based levels.

The local co-op camera push bug (first AT-ST floating forward in Battle of Endor, and TIE Fighter turrets popping one player out every 30 seconds) was fixed. One player (in local at least) still needs to drop out sometimes to grab some minikits. (Still get stuck at the farthest, last Death Star Escape platform; don't go there.)

True Jedi only needs to be accomplished in Story or Free Play mode. I sort of miss having to get True Jedi in both modes. They replace that gold brick with a Challenge mode where they take away all extras enabled and give you a time limit to find 10 different (blue) minikits. I'd rather take the old trade since time based levels suck in general.

The lobby is better overall. While the outdoor area is smaller than ever, they make up for it by having two cars available! They also added "Beep-Beep" Extra for honking the horns while in the car. My girlfriend thinks that's the best thing ever. They add the band characters in the bar this time. The mini-kits are no longer in the way. They have a gallery for them which you scroll through. There is nothing for bounty hunters/super ewoks in the lobby.

The Jedi glow detection remains the same. Wish they improved it (needed some work -- should prioritize to items and characters over your own buddy). Some NPCs get stuck randomly (but rarely) and twitch in place like crazy. I think it's a new bug.

The grass areas have added lush. It's a nice touch.

There is a new LEGO City: "New Town". It's an improved version of LEGO City with dumber stuff removed and cooler stuff added (boat in water and power lines). Easier to unlock (just 50 gold bricks). They also kept LEGO City as an option too.

There is an alternative New Hope level where you play as Darth Vader and Stormtrooper.

All the stuff from LEGO Star Wars I is definitely improved to at least LSWII standards or better.

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just perfect for me

posted by trooper46 (WILLITS, CA) Jan 24, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

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It is really fun to play. To begin, Star Wars is my top favorite thing. There are lots of actions to do that make me laugh! For example, in the first level of Return of the Jedi you can make a radio that makes the guards dance. Secondly, you can do different things on this version that you can't do on the Nintendo DS version (and vice versa). The levels are different on the first level of Episode 2. On the DS version you go to Camino and on the XBOX 360 version you are on Coruscant, flying a ship. Another difference is that in some ways the XBOX version is harder than the DS version. I haven't gotten past the part in a level that is hard to me. Overall, one of my favorite parts to do is to go to Lego City where you can build all sorts of machines, vehicles, houses and airships. Also you can ride creatures there. It was fun to play with my friend but I was able to discover more by playing it alone. I would recommend this game to anyone.

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