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STAR WARS COMPLETE SAGA - The right review

posted by CNTRINSGNT (MANVILLE, NJ) Dec 17, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

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First off let me state that I played both of the games, star wars 1-3 and 4-6 before I played the saga. In many other reviews such as the ones from the big sites like IGN & GAMESPOT they claim the game is a rehash of the first games 1-6.

Well im here to tell you this is simply not true.

This game reminds me of the orange box infact because of all the value you get out of it.
Your looking at a good 50+ hours at least to get 100% complete

1-- You can now play free play and save and exit, thus allowing you to get extras without having to finish the level! very very good!

2-- Graphics are great!

3-- So much to do!, again this game is packed with things to do, things to go back and do and then once you do them you get bonus things to do!

4-- A fairly easy achievement completion


1-- sometimes there is too much to do!
yep its almost a catch 22, while the game offers a lot of content, in order to get 1000/1000 you need to play the game 4 whole times AT LEAST
it can get overwhelming at times
and repetitive

2-- there a few minor glitches some people have complained of. Most turn out to be user specific and caused by a scratch in the dish as opposed to a world wide issue. However a few do exist

I would highly recommend this game for family play. This is something that can create bonds because you need to work together and its geared at star wars fans and kids

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Star Wars and Lego's at there best...

posted by 360gamer (EAST LYNN, WV) Dec 30, 2008

Member since May 2006

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Allow me to start by saying I played both original titles before playing this game. But now I can play both games with "ALL" characters in one game at one time. By far this is so much fun for kids and adults. Once you get past the having to play levels several times to get all studs and canisters you truly start to think its worth it. You unlock more and more characters, and cheats and have fun while doing it. This game is a must for anyone whom likes light-hearted fun and Star Wars combined. No blood and guts here just pure Lego fun!

Great Christian game as well...

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Very Good

Lego star wars TCS-its not half bad!

posted by BigDgaming (KINGMAN, AZ) Nov 3, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

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Storyline- The storyline stayed very true to the movies, but was played out with legos! But it jsut felt like another retelling. 17/20

graphics - The graphics were adorhable, and the crisp clean colors made it easy to tell (most of time) what you could and could not interact with. 10/10

gameplay- The gameplay... well it was platformer, nothing truly inovative I mean the force was a nice addition but it didnt feel all that new. 12/15

sound &VA-No VA, but the sounds were great. they really emphized what you thought the blaster etc. would sound like, i guess the only problem was after a while the sound started to just kind blend in with the backround noises in the room.7/10

length-Gah... heres where i get really annoyed, for starters, the first 3 episodes were WAY to short, and the second 3 were WAY to long, imean for cripes sake they origonally came out as 2 seperate games, man i woulda been PO'd to get the first one (first 3) and have spent MAYBE 6 hours on it... And then to spend something like 20 on the second (2nd 3) it was just well, to be honest i wanted to spend more thiem with the first 3... and there just wasnt long enough levels to make it worthwhile. 11/15

enjoyability- I truely enjoyed this game for the majority of the time, occasionally there were parts that were just to dang hard, And after you beat the game and go back to get 100% i could only stand about 40% more gameplay (when i beat it i was at about 20.7% and when i gave up i was at about 67.8%) 16/20

art direction- Well they "mimicked" the movies very well of course giving them a slightly blockier feel.9/10

Total- 82/100

Bottomline- The game is a solid rent ONLY buy it if your a completionest, and have funny getting 100%, i have never been to into that so that might be why it lost my interest. But it is a good game... One side note...most of the multiplayer (at least that i played) was a lil boring.

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