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Equal parts fun and frustration

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Mar 31, 2011

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One thing you can say about this third LEGO Star Wars game- it certainly is the best looking in the franchise. Starships and planet environments are nicely detailed, and the revamped hub world (actually, two battling starships) is a welcome change. There's not much to say about gameplay- if you've played other LEGO games in the series, you're probably going to enjoy this. Hours can just fly by, whether you're engaged in the story missions (based off the first two seasons of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars") or engaged in exploring the hub world (which is huge in size). There's plenty to do and collect, from characters to vehicles to starfighters. It takes awhile too to open up parts of the hub and the universe, so those deciding to make this a purchase will certainly get their money's worth. Sadly, with all this fun comes the same old frustrations. The camera is still not your friend- it often works against you, especially if you're a solo player. Those who opt for co-op might fare a bit better. Also, the game is not always clear as to what you need to do next- it goes from major hand holding to just not giving any real clues. You eventually figure it out, but not before you start swearing at the game, "What do I need to do?" And why the bolts aren't attracted to you ala "Ratchet and Clank" I can't understand. You'd think Traveller's Tales would have borrowed that bit from that other successful combat-platforming space franchise. Still, the game makes great use of the license, and there's so much to do you may end up having enough fun that you don't mind the frustrating parts. Definitely worth renting. A purchase depends on how big a fan you are of the LEGO games, but you will get your money's worth. Enjoy!

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Very Good

Legos in the Stars!

posted by OscarQ (CUTLER BAY, FL) Mar 25, 2011

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The awesome (At least imo) series Star Wars: The Clone Wars made an excellent opportunity for a Lego follow up on Star Wars. And Lego took this and made Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars. When I first heard of the game, I thought it would be absolutely fun and occupying just like the first two games. My expectations were not let down. They were exceeded.

A really neat new component to the game is in some missions the two characters you utilize throughout the level can now be in completely two different places. And you will have to switch between the two characters frequently to reach your ultimate objective. This makes for a fresh and innovative experience. The game has also brought back the things that made it great in the first place as well. Such as a huge Character list which you will constantly unlock from as you progress through the game.

Aside from that, if you aren't a puzzle-solving kind of person, don't buy this game. You may want to rent it just to make sure your not missing out, but to even get through one level, you have to solve several puzzles. Not particularly hard, but you just have to keep a sharp eye out and be patient because chances are there will be multiple moments where you get stuck and are frustrated. However, its an important part of the Lego experience. And of course, if you are that thinking puzzle-solving kind of player, then waste no time and rent the game! And you'll probably end up buying it.

Now unlike almost every other game out there that doesn't have Multiplayer, this game has replay value. Just like the previous installments. There is a mode that you can choose when beginning a level if you've already beat it called "Free Play" in which you can play through and be able to change to many different characters enabling you to have more fun, collect more points, and obtain hidden objects that count up and eventually unlock even more things for you to check out.

Even teens like me(16)can love this. Join the Clone Wars!

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lego star wars 3

posted by wiscone (ELIZABETHTOWN, KY) Apr 22, 2011

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100 hours well spent playing this one,so much to do and o so much to see. never really played legos games before,but i gotta tell, ya im a fan now.not very challenging, but quite entertaining.

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