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LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

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Gone and soon to be forgotten

posted by countzero (OAKLAND, CA) Apr 11, 2007

Member since Mar 2006

Perhaps the last gasp of a failing franchise, these Lego Star Wars Games represent presentation over content. They are cute if you are the 12 year old demographic that Lucas originally targeted. Between the inaccurate controls and fuzzy mission objectives
I am unsure if you you will get fed up by frustration or boredom first.
This game was cute, and the best thing about it was the cliff notes version of the original plot performed through para linguistics and facial expressions during the cut scenes. The actual gameplay was mediocre at best. I thought the lightsaber was supposed to more effective than the blaster.
Check it out if you LOVE Starwars or Legos.

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What I think of Lego Star Wars II

posted by Emericann (GREENSBORO, NC) Apr 5, 2007

Member since Jan 2006

Ah Lego Star Wars 2.The first one was okay, but this one is even better!I do like the mix and match character creator, but it doesn't include all the characters you buy. Around the Cantina is cool but if you hit 1 innocent lego figure you're dead meat!In some point of the game "Extras" can help you, like "INVINCIBILITY" or "SCORE x10".They're just like cheats to me. I also loved playing Lego video game form of the "Star Wars Original Trilogy".My favorite level or Challenge is when your in "LEGO CITY", I like destroying houses and building ridible vehicles, every time there is a trail of blue studs. Well I like Lego Star Wars II its awesome I dont think I'd have enough space to put all the fun & cool fetures. So I say a 9 out of 10!!!

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Fun! Fun! Fun!

posted by scallywag (THE DALLES, OR) Mar 16, 2007

Member since May 2004

Being an old Star Wars fan, I got this game before the first one, (wanted to stick to tradition, you know, hehe). But, if this one is even close to the first one, I'm definitely grabbing the first one as well.

This game is geared toward kids, yea, but adults like this old dude (I'm 43) can enjoy it as well.

Love the graphics, and easy controls. Though, I admit the at times I wish the camera was a bit more user friendly. But, it isn't that important and doesn't take away from the fun factor of the game.

Sound effects and music are dead on to the films.

I highly recommend this game for anyone who is a Lego or Star Wars fan. You will have a blast playin' this one. Heck, even if you aren't a fan, give it a try. You may surprise yourself.

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