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LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

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Gone and soon to be forgotten

posted by countzero (OAKLAND, CA) Apr 11, 2007

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Perhaps the last gasp of a failing franchise, these Lego Star Wars Games represent presentation over content. They are cute if you are the 12 year old demographic that Lucas originally targeted. Between the inaccurate controls and fuzzy mission objectives
I am unsure if you you will get fed up by frustration or boredom first.
This game was cute, and the best thing about it was the cliff notes version of the original plot performed through para linguistics and facial expressions during the cut scenes. The actual gameplay was mediocre at best. I thought the lightsaber was supposed to more effective than the blaster.
Check it out if you LOVE Starwars or Legos.

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Above Average

A Ton of Fun, at first...

posted by VTMarik (EVERETT, WA) Nov 29, 2006

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Lego Star Wars II is the sequel to the previous one, and focuses on the real Star Wars films. Alright, let's get on with it.

Graphics: 8/10
Still those wonderfully kooky representations of the world and peoples of Star Wars. The vehicles and the models look especially nice.

Sound: 8/10
Another winner, all the necessary sound effects are here and they even managed to get Han Solo's "Yahoo!" from the end of A New Hope. The ambiance is perfect.

Controls: 7/10
Good controls, but at the same time some of the vehicles handle like a brick on astroturf. This adds to the realism slightly, so it's a plus.

Gameplay: 6/10
The same stuff from the last game, not that it's a bad thing. Not only do you have the original objective (get all the minikits and a ton of studs) but you also have numerous other objectives. And that takes us to:

Replay value: 3/10
Yes, I know. There's tons to do, levels to unlock, bonus stages to play. That's the only problem. There's almost too much stuff to do to get that all-holy 100%. It quickly devolves from a game into busy work, playing through the levels in a set time or collecting studs in a fixed arena. At first this is fun, but it very quickly turns into tedious work. I don't play video games to do homework.

Overall: 6/10 (Not an average)
The game's quirky sense of humor and endearing presentation is still here, but the sheer amount of stuff you have to do to get to 100% just makes you want to buy a cheat device and get someone else's save to attain it.

Final Verdict: The only reason I can think of to buy this game is if you want something you can come back to every once in a while and beat more side-levels. Otherwise, just rent it.

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A galaxy so far away, they built it with LEGOs

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Feb 26, 2007

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Star Wars has had a long history in video games. Many of the recent efforts have been terrific and some have been... tolerable. LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy is more than tolerable but less than fantastic. It's a fun game though. Basically, the game runs you through the major action sequences of A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi... but with LEGO people. Now the whole LEGO theme gives the game some interesting features, like collecting studs to buy new characters or cheats. It also adds a building element where you can uses the Force or your hands to build bridges, vehicles or doors in the game. To break things up, the game offers several ship-based levels. After you play through the Story in each of the 18 levels, you can go back and try Free Play, where you can pick any of the unlocked characters, or ones you create, and use their abilities to access previously unreachable areas to find several important items. Completing certain goals gives you gold studs, which let you access special stages and challenges. There's plenty of replayability. Even though there are only 18 levels, you'll have to run through them a few times to get everything and the unlockable stages add to the game as well. It's still not a super long game and many players might get bored with trying to collect all 99 gold studs. It's arguable whether or not the rewards are worth the backtracking. It really hinges on how much you like the gameplay, which has it's share of technical problems and glitches, but is solid overall. It's fun, it's different and it could take awhile to get 100% game completion. It gives some new personality to Star Wars. Give it a shot. It might just build a LEGO house in your heart.

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