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Also on:Xbox 360, Wii, DS
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This structure is missing a few bricks.

posted by JakDax101 (O FALLON, MO) Apr 18, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

The Lego games haven't been great, but they have been good. Mostly because they have Star Wars or Indiana Jones or Batman or even Harry Potter slapped on the box. But did anyone expect Lego ROCK BAND?!? I know I didn't. However, the basic gameplay of Rock Band is still here, but it's been made MUCH easier for younger kids. For one, there is now Super Easy mode, which, well, is a difficulty for toddlers, should one pick up an instrument. Also, you technically will never fail a song. Instead, if your rock meter goes empty, you will lose points, and you will need to hit more notes to get them back. While I sorta like these changes, there are a few problems with the game. For one, the music store has been dumbed down. Only songs deemed "family friendly" are available in the store. Also, there is no online play of any kind here. Oh, really, WB? Are you serious?!? You expect kids to BUY songs with real money, to buy instruments separately, but you don't think they want to do something that is actually FREE?!?!? Overall, it's just ridiculous that there's no online multiplayer. Overall, I don't recommend buying this game, even if you already have the instruments. Just rent it for a week or two, then return it. It's just not worth the extra cash, in my opinion.

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Lego Power!

posted by Animator22 (SAN JOSE, CA) Mar 28, 2010

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Member since Mar 2009

First off, you should know no matter the theme the gameplay will be exactly the same. There is no difference in the gameplay in this title from previous Rockband or Guitar Hero titles. Except the notes are lego pieces.

Now putting a lego theme I thought was awesome! For me, after the first few hours it was just a ton of fun. There are a few new aspects to this game that weren't on previous Rockband titles.
-Even though it was on Guitar Hero 5, you can now create how all the band members look in your band and continue to use those same band members throughout the story mode. You can change your band members any time you like. You can also purchase new characters after playing different gigs and switch them out for members in your band.
-They added mini games during story mode called Power Challenges which you use the power of rock to tear down a building or to scare off some ghosts. The songs are pre set to the challenge so you have to keep playing the same song for that particular challenge but most of them are great songs related to the theme of the challenge.
-Another cool little addition is after a gig you can return to your den and you can buy and decorate different areas in your den with wall posters, furniture, equipment and other cool stuff you can unlock in story mode. You also adopt different animals that appear at random areas in your den. It’s always fun to come back and find all the animals.
The only little thing I saw that was an eye sore is that some of the band members movements (mostly the singer) are static. During a song that has a lot of energy in both the lyrics and music, the character will sometimes stand motionless only bobbing up and down singing the song. Also at times the lip sync doesn’t seem to match up but this is just me being nit picky.
If you’ve been thinking about it, I recommend play it! There are alot of other cool little aspects that I could tell you but I'm out of space to write.

Hope this was helpful for you!

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lego rock band

posted by vw86gti (PUYALLUP, WA) Nov 13, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

ok this game is awsome but there is only one thing that i hate about it because they tottaly coppy off guitar hero 5 and 4

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