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Fake guitar game decline

posted by Droppo (MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, WA) Jun 30, 2010

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I have been watching all of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games decline over the last year or two with the exception of Beatles Rock Band, and Lego Rock Band is no exception. The decline I mention is in the poor selection of songs for each release. They have improved gameplay and graphics, but without the right songs, why would this even matter?? It appears to me that they are relying on DLC purchases to make these games worth playing, and I don't consider DLC part of the game... So my review can't be about anything but what is included on the actual game disc.

What is included on the actual game disc is a lot of great Lego customizing options, good fake guitar gameplay, and a selection of very weak songs. There are maybe five songs on this disc that I would consider quality Rock Band or Guitar Hero tracks. Too much is being included that is recent shlock rock from wannabe pop punk bands. We have 50 years of Rock and Roll to pull songs from, and THIS is what we get now? They are using a business model here that forces you to pay extra for some actual classic tracks. They include just enough to whet your appetite, and leave the rest to come from what's left in your wallet after you've already purchased the game.

What this does to the game is make career mode boring when it should be great fun. Who wants to play through career mode with weak songs? It makes me want to only play the five good songs in free play mode and miss out on all the customizing options that would make Lego Rock Band so much fun to begin with. It means that it only took me about an hour to feel like I was done with this game.

This game is a shoulda been, coulda been great game, but the reliance on our purchasing DLC for it has made it a quick rental and that's it. If you've already spent a bunch of money on Rock Band DLC, you bought into their money grubbing strategy, but at least you might find this game more fun that I did. I want a game to be fun as is, right out of the box.

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Very Good

awesome family time

posted by sogxsbpx (CORONA, CA) Jun 28, 2010

Member since Jun 2007

Ok, so games with the Lego name are apparently not going away. Not only are they not leaving us anytime soon, they are spreading to more than just the action/adventure genre. And this is a good thing. The time spent with my kids playing games like Lego Batman and Indian Jones has been great and it only gets better with this new musical offering. Lego Rock Band hits all the notes in regards to being an awesome family multiplayer experience.
There is one thing that you should know about this latest version of Rock band. That is that you will need to bring your own friends or family as there is no online multiplayer.
full review at digoutreach. com

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Where's the rock band?

posted by protox (LAKEWOOD, CO) Feb 1, 2010

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Is this really the same company that made Rock Band? This is really bad. The song selection is pitiful, the controls are unpolished, and the game itself is lackluster.

Are these real bands? I've never heard of most of them and I'm sure children haven't either. Nearly half the track list is emo. No joke, they actually label them as emo. The other half is a mix of halfway decent punk and a few songs from the 80s. One Bowie song and a couple Queen songs and that's basically all of the game you'll care about. The Beatles game had a better song selection and that one was horrible too.

Do not work. You know how the game usually feels polished and very spot on? Not in this one. The graphics look a little glitchy and notes allow you to be late, very late at hitting the note. I didn't actually time it but it's about half a beat of leeway, which is incredibly forgiving compared to real Rock Band. There is the normal feature to fine tune the lag on your screen. Only the tool doesn't work. Every time I run it I get a completely different compensation. It's also different from Rock Band 2. You can enter the numbers manually but it doesn't help much. The notes are forgiving for being late but if you are even a tiny fraction of a second early you miss.

Your band shares money. The selection of clothes and accessories are lame. You can't change the color of your lego person so some stuff doesn't match. Most items can only be unlocked by playing story mode. Story mode is really boring and forces you to play through a lot of songs you've never heard before. I was so tired I just gave up and played a couple songs then sent the game back. What's the fun in playing a game that doesn't work quite right and just has no song selection? I had hope for this game but after playing the Beatles I didn't expect much. It fell way short of expectations though. Lego should stick to Star Wars. Rock Band, should probably stick to rock... not emo and country.

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