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LEGO: Rock Band


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Lego: Rock Band

posted by Deuce40SX (BESSEMER, AL) Feb 14, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

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So this game being a Lego game is quite what you would not expect. I got the game so my girlfriend would be "happy" and not bug me about her likeing lego games. And when i popped it in and started playing it with her it became quite fun. It has a great sound track on it, i couldnt believe it had some good songs to play too, but than again Rock band is known for there 'lets throw a whole bunch of random bands on there no one knows to make a song list'.

So i got the game thursday (its sunday now) and already beat it with 2 achievements left to get, and i must say that once i got towards the end, it became VERY boring. You play the same song over and over and it just becomes a bore. Its a good game for achievements seeing as it has super easy mode and short song mode makes the game go a little quicker. and all you do is put your mic up against the tv ( or in m cased between my turtle beach's) and let the songs play and you beat it fairly quick. Also the no fail out thing was a masterpiece, seeing as my girlfiend trys to compete with me on expert and she cant keep up haha. But over all i would recommend this for familys and children, but be prepaired to break your kids 360's becuase of the 45 song list they have. you will hear the same song about 1000 times before the actually make it to the next venue. but its a good rent. not worth the buy.

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Who are these bands ?????

posted by GotGame36 (SAINT PETERS, MO) Dec 2, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

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I'm sorry but this is not a great game at all. I played this game with my son and as we went down the song list he kept saying "I don't know that song" or "who is that band".....the sad thing is I was saying the same thing.

My 2 biggest complaints...........

1) If you buy the game then you have to pay another $10 to export the songs into RB1 or RB2.
2) The song selection is HORRIBLE......Over 1/2 of the song list are bands and songs that no one has ever heard of.

If you want people to pony up $50 then another $10 to export you should have at least 3/4 of the songs and bands people have heard of.

Poor game in my opinion due to the band and song choices......We the Kings, The Coral, Supergrass, The Automatics, Everlife, The Zutons......WHO???????

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4th, 5th or 6th

posted by Zeetoo (DAYTON, OH) Dec 30, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

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Lego Rock Band seems like a kids version the the game. Even though the song selection was very good, I foung them easy. Even on Expert. I had this game for about five hours before I decided to send it back for the next in my GameQ. If you have someone young in your family, and its there first time playing Rockband, I would start with this. If your getting it for someone experienced, I would recommend Rockband, Rockband 2, or the Beetles Rockband.

Farewell for now,
Zeetoo >:)

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