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LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game


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Very Good

same old same old...but still fun

posted by realdeal44 (CLEVELAND, OH) May 18, 2011

Member since Jun 2010

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Basically if you have ever played a Lego game, you know what to expect here. Same lego experience, only this time with a Pirates twist. It is very fun and if you like the lego games then get this game. But if you are sick of the lego games then you will tire of this game pretty quick.

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Better graphics, same old gameplay

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) May 15, 2011

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"LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean" is the best looking game in the series. The water effects are terrific, the environments well detailed, and the main characters move like their movie counterparts. Captain Jack Sparrow's characteristic stagger is especially well captured. But good looks aren't enough to carry a game. This latest LEGO game carries with it much of the same gameplay that's the trademark of the series- there's some platforming, simple combat, and puzzle solving to be found throughout the game's twenty stages (five stages apiece for each of the Pirates movies, including the new one "On Stranger Tides"). Those work as well as they did in the last LEGO game, and are adequate to get you through the levels and provide some fun in doing so. Sadly, the same old problems are present as well. The camera can be unhelpful at times, and it can be puzzling (No pun intended) to figure out how to proceed. False clues are sometimes present , and it can lead to unnecessary running in circles til you figure out what to do. The hub world seems a step back, especially after the awesome hub in LEGO SW: The Clone Wars. You can eventually open things up once you gain enough gold bricks, but it's still not very compelling. As always, there is plenty to collect, so you will get your money's worth, provided you don't get bored with things. The hallmark of the series, its quirky sense of humor, is happily here in spades, and the game makes great use of Hans Zimmer's great musical score from the movies. As always, co-op locally with a friend makes life easier. There is no online play, which may be a minus for some. If you enjoyed past LEGO titles, give this one at least a rent. Enjoy!

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Bugs kept it from getting a higher score

posted by AutoEuphoria (MIDLAND, MI) Jul 18, 2011

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I've played the Lego Starwars games before, and really enjoyed them. It's amazing to me how much life the game creators can breathe into what are, essentially, pieces of plastic, especially with no direct dialogue.

The issue I had with Pirates was a few design flaws and major glitches, at least with the copy I received.

The only real design flaw I found was switching between characters. That's actually quite a compliment, because this was a MINOR flaw that was more frustrating than anything else. Just easier to hold down the triangle than to try to quick-switch, because I never seemed to get the right character if I had a party of more than 2.

The MAJOR problem I had was the glitches/freezing in the 4th movie. I actually didn't even finish it because it kept freezing...every level had at least one freeze-up or some other glitch.

That said, it was an enjoyable experience...worth the rental, and who knows...maybe it was just my disk that was messed up.

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