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It's BEEN fun.

posted by yoda107 (BALTIMORE, MD) Mar 8, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

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Emphasizes on fun. I liked the story a lot, even though it took me just a day and a half to finish it. Collecting characters and cars to play with was fun. The voices were awesome, even though random people would constantly wine about a taxi and that was annoying. The game has a lot of bugs in, like crashes, half the city disappearing for like a minute, not being able to transform a character into a big fig, not being able to select a big fig at all. The controls on ground were not the best but acceptable, controls in the air, slightly less fortunate than on ground. But here is the problem, after you collect all of the vehicles, and characters and done MOST of the races there isn't much to do. I said most races because the sky races added with the "not-so-good" flight controls, it will feel like a waste of time and will get you thinking that "I don't need 100% percent completion". Some of the characters are boring along with some of the vehicles that are in your inventory. After you complete everything that won't make you rage, you'll be left staring at the screen thinking of a way to entertain yourself in the game. I believe that Tt held back a lot of stuff from thus game. It has a lot of potential, but Tt wasn't comfortable enough, to use it all. Like an arena to just fight enemies to have fun with characters. It's not true that every character has there own ability, they all either have what is already taken or a multiple of abilities.The graphics are beautiful, but with that added there isn't a lot of replay value.

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Great game! A must for Marvel fans as well!!

posted by Kane300 (BAKERSFIELD, CA) Nov 14, 2013

Member since May 2008

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Game is great. W/o spoiling anything it has many tie ins with the new stories of Avengers as well as the backstory of a few characters. NYC is done well and the abundance of characters is just superb. It is by far the best Lego game I have played and quite frankly the only one I managed to ever finish. RENT RENT RENT!!!!

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simply fun

posted by terrahawk15 (LONGVILLE, LA) Nov 19, 2014

Member since Sep 2013

i can't understand any negative reviews of this game. IT'S A LEGO GAME.....MEANING EVERYTHING IS MADE OF LEGOS! you don't play it for graphics or even the storyline. you play it because its fun. and because you're either a lego nerd or a marvel nerd...or both. now, the storyline is still very good. the game is simply fun all around. and i decided to buy it because my four year old son absolutely loves it. have fun!

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