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The best LEGO game ever!

posted by Coronach (CALLAWAY, VA) Nov 24, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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This game is the ultimate LEGO experience. Combining the best aspects of the older LEGO games, with a list of all new great additions, this one is definitely king of the mountain.

Each character has his or her own use.
Samwise has a spade to dig or work with plants.
Legolas can double jump, and walk on snow.
Gimli can smash through cracked stone.

The addition of items is a HUGE thing for this series. Now you can collect some awesome equipment to really customize or play how you want. Need to climb a wall? Like the Weasley boots in the LEGO Harry Potter series, you can have the blacksmith forge you a pair of Mithril Climbing Boots to walk up the wall.

The cost of each item is actually the silver Mithril blocks you collect by finding them in the wild, or earning them in the story levels. Kind of like how the gold blocks from past games unlock movies and special content. Only a lot more fun.

And gone is the tiny hub world associated with most of the past LEGO games. Now your world is Middle-Earth itself. You are able to walk from Hobbiton to Bree and on to Rivendell.

Of course it would be more fun if there were random attacks by orcs or goblins, or anything. At least in the LEGO Pirates game you had enemies that came and attacked.

But being able to explore Middle-Earth is just amazing. And the stages are packed with lore from the movies. At times you have two characters in different scenes, and are able to switch between them.

The best, and first you will see, is when Gandalf is fighting Saruman at Isengard, in the same stage as Frodo and the hobbits are fleeing from the Nazgul.

This is definitely a 10. The only minor thing I've found wrong so far is with holding B to use a ranged, sometimes the crosshairs don't appear right off.

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Awe to the power of SOME

posted by legarcia2 (SAN JUAN, TX) Nov 21, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

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It's the book/movies with a spoofy Lego twist to it!
It's my first Lego game and I am definitely trying the others. It is like playing with your Legos when you were a kid!

Controllers are simple and easy to understand.
It is a game you can just pick up and play.

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posted by biagionimario (WENTWORTH, MO) Dec 13, 2013

Member since Jan 2012

It was just amazing. fun, exciting, intriguing, funny. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT. IT'S FUN!!!!!!!!!!

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