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Very Good

Great game, worth renting!

posted by Watzitooya (TUCSON, AZ) Dec 14, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

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Now when it comes to reviews, I like to make sure I bring in both the Pro and the Con. The list will tell you what I believe. (This is my first review on Game fly.)

Pros: 1. Graphics are Beautiful
2. Comedy is everywhere and you will laugh like crazy at times.
3. The scenery when you travel around the world of Middle earth will be mouth dropping.
4. You will always wanna go back to missions for unlocking the secrets against the fun Mini-games.
5. Epic battles while on the adventures of Middle Earth.

Cons: 1. Some missions need just a tad more fighting, including more enemies to fight.

Overall, This game is great for the kids, and people who love the franchise of Lord of the Rings. The great sound from the movie makes this game more powerful. Make sure to rent, before you buy! Cheers!

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GF Rating

Above Average

Shortest Battle Ever

posted by WadeWatts5 (WADESBORO, NC) Dec 9, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

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As stated in some of my other reviews, I love the Lego games (except Indiana Jones) and Lord of the Rings seemed like it would be a perfect addition to their family of games. I was so excited to get this in the mail, that I almost called in to work so I could stay home and play it.
Once again, Lego uses voice acting for their characters, and I have to say, I honestly like it. It makes me wish that they would update the Star Wars games with it as well. Also, the expansive open world is back, and it looks amazing. Also added to the fold are side quests! On the main level map, you will find citizens of middle earth in need of errands run, including some orcs. A real positive in my opinion!
The old tricks are back in the routine Lego formula, not that this is bad. The characters are also so much fun to play as, even Frodo and Sam. Gandalf's magic plays a huge role in accessing side areas, Legolas' ability with his bow and arrows help reach new heights, Gimli's axe helps open new pathways, and Aragorn's ranger abilities help track the others in the fellowship.
My only complaint was a big one. One that, on several occasions, kept me from playing the game. I was just starting the second movie story, when it started to freeze. I restarted my system and started back at my save, and it froze again. It would do this on several occasions. One night, i played it for three house, and it froze six times in those hours.
Unfortunately, it did not get better over the next few days, so I sent it back. I did not get to finish that game, and that was the only thing keeping me from doing so. That's really the only reason I rated it as low as I did. It's an amazing game from what I could play, unfortunately, that wasn't a whole lot.

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GF Rating


Best Lego Game

posted by SnazzyJamm (WILLOW GROVE, PA) Nov 20, 2012

Member since Oct 2010

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Got to be the best Lego game i have played out of all of them.... its probably because i am a huge Lord Of the Rings fan but still....

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