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Very Good

Better than Lego Star Wars

posted by churchill (JEFFERSONVILLE, IN) Jun 30, 2008

Member since Jun 2005

Looking at screenshots and gameplay videos this game looks very simmilar to Lego Star Wars, but as far as gameplay goes it is actually quite different. I played both Lego Star Wars games and they weren't that great. Most of the game was combat, but the combat was extremely shallow with only one attack button and one special ability button which didn't always even apply to combat. The combat system in Lego Indiana Jones is relatively unchanged. The only change is the ability to pick up weapons. Although this doesn't really add much depth combat is not the focus of Lego Indiana Jones. The focus is slightly challenging, but not frustrating, somewhat logical puzzles. Unlike most puzzles in games it is always apparent what needs to be done. this prevents the game from becoming frustrating which can completely ruin some games. Veicles are poorly implemented in the game. They almost are exclusively used to solve puzzles rather than high speed chases but this is only a minor issue. The game features a lot of shallow but still funny humor which adds to the game. Unfortnately the game lacks depth which is a biproduct of being accessible. Although the game's singleplayer is realativly fun co-op is where this game shines. Playing with a friend can be very entertaining. Overall this game is fun for casual and hardcore gamers alike. After you beat the story mode there are plenty of characters and other extras to unlock.

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GF Rating


Another lego hit!

posted by djroofie (BELLE CHASSE, LA) Jun 28, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

This Indiana Jones Lego game is just as good as Star Wars Lego. I played it everyday. Evan when I was finished the hole thing. Can't wait for Batman Lego.

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GF Rating


Mostly amusing, but very short

posted by MoodyCat (HILLSBORO, OR) Jun 19, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

I didn't have high expectations for this game compared to Lego Star Wars, and thanks to lower expectations I wasn't disappointed. It's a good enough rental with many good ideas and innovations balancing out stuff that, well, is dumb and doesn't work very well. The real problem overall -- part of what makes it a good rental -- is that it only has the first 3 movies (as far as I could tell with most all of the game unlocked), making it only half the size of Lego Star Wars with a severe deficit of actually interesting unlockables.

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