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A good game for the whole family ...

posted by CodeFuzion (LAFAYETTE, LA) Jun 19, 2008

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I rented this game in hopes of recreating the enjoyment me and my wife had with Lego Star Wars. I am a big fan of both Star Wars and Indiana Jones; and while it is a great game, it seems to be lacking something that Lego Star Wars holds. I think it has to do with the force powers being gone. I will say that this version has more interesting puzzles than the Star Wars brand, which was enjoyable, but it still didn't feel as enjoyable.

It is a worth-wild renter, and you will enjoy yourself, however, don't go expecting it to be as something to out-do Lego Star wars. It probably wont, and although it is similar in the type of game, it is different in play mechanics. There is a lot more physical combat, more puzzles, and tons of funny moments.

I will also add the Wii motion controls are all but practically useless. While it is fun to use the motion controls for a brief time, they tend to be more of a nuisance than anything else. If you have a Xbox or PS3, I would say it would be better to rent it on there, as the graphics will be slightly better and better textures, since the motion controls doesn't add anything.

All in all, I would definitely suggest renting this game. It is still very fun and enjoyable. However, if you are in the mood for a fun Wii game for local multi-player, I would suggest you rent Boom Blox, as it has more appealing multi-player and the motion controls are amazing.

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Very Good

Great Game

posted by Chopscott (CHILLICOTHE, MO) Jun 9, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

My boys.....and I Loved this game, very much the same as Star Wars Lego's but loved that game too. First game from GameFly and think I am going to like this.

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These "LEGO"s are for rent

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 7, 2008

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First, there was LEGO Star Wars, now it's LEGO Indiana Jones. What's next? LEGO E.T.?
LEGO Indiana Jones has you going through the first three Indiana Jones movies (not Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). Each movie is split up into six chapters.
Progressing through the game is mostly about solving puzzles; Moving LEGO Bricks from one place to another, building LEGO structures, and beating up the bad guys.
Once you figure out the puzzles the levels fly by really quick. You can get through each "movie" in about two to three hours - which makes for a short gaming experience.
Also, the fighting isn't as fun as it was in LEGO Star Wars. When these LEGOs fight, it looks like old men fighting. Shooting is hampered by a stationary camera.
But not all is bad in LEGO Indiana Jones; the cut scenes are hilarious, some of the puzzles are ingenious, and these LEGO are cute without being nauseating.
LEGO Indiana Jones is a solid rental or to buy at a reduced price, but there's not enough content to justify a $50 price tag.

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