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Great Game for Co-Op with Wife or Kids

posted by hammer27of (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jun 15, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

As an adult male who is into shooters/sports games mostly I must admit I was pleasently surprised by how much fun "Lege: Indiana Jones" is. I had a great time playing co-op with my wife and niece when she was over as well.

The Good:
-The game play is very smooth and extremely easy to pick up.
-Graphics are pretty amazing for such a simple game.
-Co-Op is a lot of fun

The Bad:
-The games is almost to easy so you will get through it all in no time flat.
-There are some points of the game where the camera angle is unbearably bad causing you to die.

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Not a Multi player game

posted by OmahaSteve (OMAHA, NE) Jun 15, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

What should be a multi player game is not. Playing single player is fun but frustrating at times because of the lack of control of the charater. Once there are two players, the lack of control and glitches in how the game works makes the game nearly unplayable. For example, On the escape from the castle, I got a little head of the other player around a bend in the road. It took five minutes for the second player to catch up, because they were unable to see their player and kept dieing. Then the game would regen in the same spot. Then once we got past that, we couldn't both ride and jump over the bridge because we only had one motorcycle, the second one stop regening. Another 10 mins of trying to get both players over the bridge. I finally had to drop out of the game and rejoin the action later. There is just no excuse for a game to not be tested and fixed so it can be enjoyed with multi player.

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Enjoyable for a weekend...

posted by kcroln (SHAWNEE, KS) Jun 9, 2008

Member since Aug 2006

Thought this game was pretty good. Should be called a "fighting" game if you play it with a friend. Or in my case, my wife. We were constantly fighting for who does what. You have to share the screen and at times is difficult with the camera angles.

+graphics are decent
+easy to pick up and play
+overall pretty fun
+kids can play or watch without being horrified

-camera angles can be a pain
-gets a little redundant due to its simplicty

Overall I would recommend renting for anyone who wants to play with a friend. A fun experience for about a week or so.

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