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LEGO Indiana Jones


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Also on:Xbox 360, PS3, DS, Wii, PS2
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posted by Navarre (WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA) Oct 10, 2008

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Member since Aug 2008

As a fan of the Lego, Star Wars, Batman and Indiana circuit I just had to have this one. What a geek fest, Lego and Indy combined as one. A completely enjoyable game for the whole family. I still have an issue with the way the camera works and some of the co-Lego character missions inside game play but not enough to not play. BTW It looks great when plugged into a 50” TV.

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LEGO Indiana Jones

posted by Mailene (WOODBRIDGE, VA) Oct 4, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

Still have too many bugs...

They are trying to release too many versions of lego, too close to each other, that they are forgetting to clear all bugs out.

My four year old and I have been playing this game a lot, since it came out. We have even made a list of places that we can't go to if we don't want the 360 to freeze on us. After a few times trying a same sections to ensure it is a bug, he will even remind you - don't go there or we will loose this level!

Mailene and Michael

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The best lego game yet!

posted by Slyone240 (PHOENIX, AZ) Sep 7, 2008

Member since Dec 2005

The other lego games were really bad, but this one made it different! It's a great idea that you can pick up chairs and bottles and throw them at enemies. I also like the unique fighting style of Indiana Jones and his whip. Plus it puts suspense in it because you can unlock secret levels. I unlocked them all and got all the guys and parcels. It's cool that you can use rocket launchers, pistols, and grenades. The best lego game ever!
P.S. Use your whip on a girl. See what happens! If it just hurts her, keep trying. You'll know what it is when you do it!

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