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posted by foxbat (VAN NUYS, CA) Jul 14, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

As a fan of the Indiana Jones movies I had high hopes for this game, unfortunately it wasn't to my liking. This was also my first experience with a Lego game and I feel that after this game I probably won't be interested in further Lego games. My issues were primarily with the gameplay itself. A number of traits to the game I found tedious when playing...
- Jumping is inaccurate. Indy especially tends to roll after he jumps so you would land on the spot you wanted only to roll right off. Occasionally the computer will also respawn you falling off the edge again just to die.
- The targeting system was also inaccurate, which made several of the boss battles dull as I'd try to hit the boss or whatever was the target, only to have the target move at the last moment and then I'd miss.
- Sometimes you had to build things in the game, which basically amounts to hitting one button over and over. If you happened to make the mistake of picking Willie to do this, it's the same button that makes her scream. As this was inaccurate too you had to listen to her yell as you tried to build whatever it was. Plus, is there any real thrill in hitting the same button over and over to build something? Wouldn't one push of the button do?
- The puzzles are basically same thing different stage. It gets really repetitive.
- To complete the game you have to play each level twice at least, just with different characters. Some treasures are unobtainable in story mode. The levels weren't that exciting that I wanted to play them multiple times.

Additionally, if you aren't a completist, it's a short game. You can probably finish story mode in 8 hours. And really it wouldn't take much longer to finish if you were.

Probably the strongest aspect was the humor of the cut scenes. Even those didn't amuse me that much.

I will note that I didn't play the game with anyone. The game with a second player may be a better experience. But for a single player it's at best a rental.

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Just not my thing. Maybe for the kiddies.

posted by graymachn (CULVER CITY, CA) Dec 29, 2009

Member since Feb 2008

I like the idea of creative, non-violent games. LBP is probably my fave of ll time. However, these Lego games just don't do it for me. I'd show this to my son when he's a little older, and probably enjoy watching him figure things out. But, for an adult, I find it a bit boring.

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Above Average

I got DEAD! (again)

posted by clintonk (SAN MARCOS, CA) Oct 9, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

There should be a trophy for amount of times you get killed in this game you would have triple platinum in the first level. The graphics are great but the gameplay is on the slow side and really aimed for the kids. Kids that like to die alot. (oh that sounds wrong)...

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