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Worth it?

posted by Daedleus (FARIBAULT, MN) Aug 6, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

I've always been surprised at the gameplay value of Lego's games, my biggest concern regarding Indiana Jones' adventure was if it could live up to the value of the Star wars series, it does.

I've read and overheard my complaints about the lack of goofy fun in combat because of the lack of "Force Powers", or"You can only use the whip for puzzles", or even "It's no fun because there are no guns in the game." But honestly, none of it's true.

While the game does operate a little differently with guns, picking them up from enemies, or using the whip to "grapple", or even drop kicking bad guys isn't badly executed at all. in fact I wonder if it's more comical than previous Lego games.

Filled with the same silly humor as it's forebears, and packed with enough puzzles and secrets to keep players moving as they play, Indiana Jones isn't overly difficult a game to enjoy.

Some of the depth in puzzles is a mite lacking, yet bosses do a good job of presenting challenges and operating as less like random distractions and more organically with a players curiosity.

While a perfect game for younger audiences, I feel that even adult gamers, and elder fans of all the original Indiana Jones movies will not only get a good kick out of the game, but will find themselves scrounging for more treasure and spending more time in the game than one might expect.

If your a fan of the Star Wars Lego series Indiana Jones doesn't dissapoint.

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dr. jones

posted by Wildwheels (SPRINGFIELD, MO) Aug 5, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

I have to say that when I first started the game I thought alright this is going to be fun. My first complaint is you die way to easy and often. The targeting system my second complaint. You spend forever trying to hit your target which will get you killed. Everytime time you die you lose 1,000 nudgets. The computer is no help at all. I would have rather had another weapon. This is why I scored the game average

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GF Rating


Very Solid

posted by Flogger (SOMERVILLE, MA) Jul 29, 2008

Member since Feb 2007

This game is very polished and easy to play, everything just works. It isn't breaking any ground and there are no surprises, but at the same time it delivers exactly what you expect. A fun game that is easy to pick up and enjoy with high production values and solid graphics. Definitely worth a rental.

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