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LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues


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The Adventure Continues....sort of

posted by knight2009 (LONGWOOD, FL) Feb 5, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

I have been playing Lego Indiana Jones 2 for the past 3-4 days now. I honestly have to say that the first one was more over all fun. The levels were longer and more entertaining. I miss going to the lego store to buy all the unlockables like "Fast Build" etc. Visually this game is a step up. When swimming in the water and looking at the bottom the designers did a great job of making it look deep, more real. The environments are huge in this one. Just when I think I covered an entire island there is a part I missed. That is also part of the problem. Maybe it is just me but I feel lost a lot of the time trying to find what to do next. With no clear path like previous Lego games I get the feeling that it is supposed to give me the feeling that I have more control over where I go. I guess I liked the use of chapters under each movie title to break down the story. I like the idea of unlocking characters and vehicles as you go. I suppose it is necessary considering that in order to officially beat certain stages of the game the stages are character specific like all Lego games. Over all I feell there are things they should have left alone that were good in the first game. The most noted improvements are the much larger environments to walk around between playing stages and the racing contests. Now we can all live out our dreams of racing a camel. Hooray! Can't wait for Lego Harry Potter and hopefully another Batman one. How about one based on the A-Team? That show screams for its own Lego game.

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Not even the kids like it!

posted by factor8 (PARKER, CO) Jan 3, 2010

Member since Jun 2007

Everything you remember from the first Lego Indiana Jones is gone... rewritten... lame... and obscure! The 4th installment (the Crystal Kingdom) is not that bad but when you go to play the first three movies... it's a complete joke. We almost bought this one and I'm so happy we didn't.

I'd like to see the developers simply migrate the original game with the last game so that we can forget about this "accidental release" so I can buy it.

I gave it a three based on the fourth installment, were it not for that I'd have given it a 1. Don't buy this!

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posted by scion91 (BEND, OR) Dec 18, 2009

Member since Dec 2004

The worst control quality I've seen since the worst games of the 90's, especially the Pyramid in a Crystal Skill segment. But awful control design is a disease spread on land, sea and in the air throughout this boring, repetitive, rehash game. If you must have a Lego game, pick ANY of the others. This one would not be worth having if it was free.

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