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Same Game, Different Dress

posted by baldassbat (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Jan 6, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

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If you've played any of the LEGO adventure games you know what to expect here. Especially if you played the 1st Indy game.

The biggest difference from the 1st Indy is the addition of Crystal Skull. Each movie has its own hub world, but CS has 3 of them, making it 1/2 of the game. Each hub world is lively and contains its own puzzles rather than a central hub like SW, Batman and the 1st Indy. Besides adding CS, the story missions for the other movies are different than the last game.

Replays of story missions are not free play w/ every character anymore. Instead, it's treasure mode where you have to use 2 characters w/ specific abilities (i.e., one sword and one girl). After beating story and treasure you can replay both in time trial mode. There are now 6 Bonus LEGO town levels but they are easier, having more than exactly 1mil. studs in them. Also a level creator is added. Not perfect, but a good start.

Also added are vehicle and plane races in the hub worlds. These are frustrating but fun. Plenty of puzzles and races were enjoyable for me (29,M) but some were just difficult or confusing. Maybe it would have been easier to a child's brain?

If you hated the earlier LEGO games you'll hate this one. No surprise. If you've gotten bored w/ LEGO games because they aren't progressing, this may be the refresh you need. It's not a hugely different, but just enough to keep it interesting. For me, the titles are getting stale, but this one shows they still have potential.

Biggest gripe was w/ trophies. W/ a little help from online guides I scored platinum in about a week, but I would have been lost on my own. To earn all the trophies requires a lot of repetition - and worse, load screens. At least 2 trophies have a very annoying glitch but you can work around it w/ guidance. A 3rd is probably programmed right but feels like a glitch since it only works at certain times.

Overall it's better than the 1st Indy & Batman, but missing the magic of LEGO Star Wars.

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typically entertaining Lego game, yet with flaws

posted by wayfarer (BOISE, ID) Jan 20, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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I have played most of the Lego games, so when Lego Indiana Jones 2 came out, I was excited. Imagined my surprise that the game disappointed me somewhat.

Indiana 2 did not have the same gameplay as Indiana 1. Game also included the Crystal Skull storyline, which was new.

Mini-world for each chapter instead of a centralized setting.

A chapter to play around and build your own landscapes.

Artifact hunting and races instead of freeplay.

Find/break specific objects to get the ability to buy a certain cheat (aka fast build, fast fix, etc) from each mini-world.

To play a artifact story, you need to specifically select the two characters you want to use. To select the characters needed, you need to go hunt them down. Only the basic storyline characters (not bought ones) will appear regardless of where you are in the mini-world.

Each chapter required you to buy a specific character so you can complete the artifact story. So, if you bought a bazooka character for the Temple of Doom world, then you need to buy one for Raiders, etc. It's fortunate that gameplay gives you lots of studs.

Not all storyline playthru give you enough studs to complete the True Adventurer tag. I hunted down all of the breakable plants/boxes/etc, yet still could not get enough to meet the minimum amount.

After playing a certain story to release a character, you need to buy the character, otherwise that character will continue to attack your character until your character leave that setting in the mini-world.

The most annoying of all was switching from character to another. I was facing Marion, yet instead of selecting her, it selected another character instead. It happened every time. That was very annoying.

Regardless of the pros and cons, Lego Indiana Jones 2 is a good game like the ones prior. When Lego Harry Potter comes out, I plan on getting it too.

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Very Good


posted by generalhbk (EVANS, CO) Dec 6, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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Great game! another great lego game. But the new Create A Level feature really is awesome. But always try and collect as many studs as you can thats the key. And the new vehicals are another cool feature. It is one of the top 3 lego games!

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